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Tuesday 13th June 2017
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European Union-Turkey: from an illusory membership to a "Privileged Partnership"
Author : Pierre Mirel
Pierre Mirel
When Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan entered the meeting room of the European Council in Brussels in the evening of 17th December 2004 he came to fulfil the dream that Turkey had been nursing since its signature of the Association Agreement on 12th September 1963, the so-called Ankara Agreement: to open membership negotiations with the European Union. Nearly 13 years later relations between the EU and Turkey are what seem to appear an illusory membership. Should we be moving towards a "privileged partnership"?
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Front page! : Defence Spending: a new European outlook?
Whilst congratulating the proposals made by the European Commission, Jean-Dominique Giuliani notes the conditions in which better funding of military equipment in Europe might be ensured... Read more

Elections : Tidal wave in support of pro-Macron candidates in the French general elections
La République en Marche (LREM), the party of President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron and led by Catherine Barbaroux easily drew ahead in the first round of the general elections on 11th June in France with 28.21% of the vote. Its ally from the Democratic Movement (MoDem) won 4.11% of the vote. The Republicans (LR) won 15.77% and their partners, the Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI), 3.03%. The Front National (FN), came third with 13.2%. France Unbowed (FI) followed this with 11.02%. The Socialist Party (PS) collapsed completely with 7.44% of the vote. Turnout was very low (48.71%). The second round will take place on 18th June... Read more
Theresa May's Conservative Party loses its absolute majority
On 8th June the British general elections, with a turnout rate of 68.72% led to the following results: Conservatives (318 seats), Labour (261), the Scottish National Party (SNP) (35), LibDems (12), Democratic Unionists (10), Greens (1), others (12). The Prime Minister Theresa May lost her absolute majority set at 326 seats, the SNP lost 19 seats and UKIP now has none... Read more

Foundation : "For a few stars more ... Which European Policy for France?"
The Foundation's Chairman, Jean-Dominique Giuliani has published "Pour quelques étoiles de plus... Quelle politique européenne pour la France ?" An enlightening read whilst the first weeks of the head of the French State show that he wants resolutely European action... Read more
The Schuman Report on Europe, State of the Union 2017
The "Schuman Report on the State of the Union 2017" published with Lignes de Repères in French and English leads to a better understanding of what is at stake and the challenges Europe is facing. It is available in bookshops or on the Foundation's site and it digital format... Read more

Financial Crisis : The IMF offers the euro zone a compromise over Greece
In an interview given to the German newspaper, the Handelsblatt on 5th June Christine Lagarde, the IMF's Managing Director suggested an extra period of time for the countries of the euro zone to settle their differences with Greece, so as to enable the disbursement this month of a further tranche of aid to Athens... Read more
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OECD Economic Outlook
According to the economic outlook published by the OECD on 7th June the distribution of the benefits of globalisation has to be considered anew. Economic growth must be supported by more investments, a better living standards and better productivity... Read more
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World growth of 2.7% in 2017
The World Bank is forecasting world economic growth of 2.7% in 2017. The growth of the advanced economies is due to reach 1.9%, whilst that of the emerging and developing economies is due to reach 4.1% in 2017... Read more

Commission : Towards a Security and Defence Union
On 7th June in a document on the future of European Defence the Commission lays out different scenario that aim to rise to increasing challenges against Europe in terms of security and defence, as well as to strengthen Europe's defence capabilities by 2025. Moreover it is launching a European Defence Fund of 5.5 billion € per year to stimulate European defence capabilities... Read more
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Strengthening the capital market
Nearly two years after the launch of the action plan for the Capital Market Union (CMU), the Commission took further steps on 8th June to provide better links between savings and investment and to strengthen the European financial system... Read more
More competitive European air transport
On 8th June the European Commission proposed an ambitious strategy for Europe's air transport industry as it adopted measures designed to support the introduction of open, connected air transport markets in the European Union and beyond... Read more

Council : New European consensus on Development
On 7th June the EU and its Member States signed a "new European consensus on development" to eradicate poverty and to contribute to sustainable development... Read more
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Conclusions of the Justice and Home Affairs Ministers' Meeting
On 8th and 9th June the 28 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers assessed several issues (electronic evidence, migrant children, digital content and services, fight to counter capital laundering, data protection). 20 of them approved the principle of a European Prosecutor's Office the HQ of which will be in Luxembourg... Read more
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Conclusions of the Transport and Telecommunications Ministers' Meeting
On 8th and 9th June the 28 Ministers responsible for Transport and Telecommunications to increase regulatory oversight and price transparency for cross-border parcel delivery services. They also revised regulations in terms of telecommunications, and updated rules regarding the training of professional lorry and bus drivers... Read more
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Agriculture and Fisheries Council
On 12th June the Council delivered its conclusions on the state of progress regarding the proposal on organic production and the labelling of organic products, the preparation of the meeting of agriculture ministers prior to the EU-Africa Summit, animal and vegetal welfare, the proposal on veterinary medicines... Read more
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Diplomacy : Maritime Crime: 19 African countries mobilised in the Gulf of Guinea
On 8th June in Yaoundé and under the aegis of the EU 19 African countries launched a network (GOGIN) to counter maritime crime in all of its shapes and forms in the Gulf of Guinea, extending from Senegal to Angola... Read more
Military planning capability and conduct and sanctions against North Korea
On 8th June the Council adopted a decision on the military planning and conduct capability and sanctions within the EU's military staff and it added 14 North Korean persons and 4 entities to the list of those whose assets have been frozen and their travel movements restricted, thereby transposing the UN Security Council's resolution 2356... Read more
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ECB : ECB Governors' Council
After the ECB's Council of Governors' meeting in Tallinn, Estonia on 8th June, rates were left unchanged, growth forecasts revised upwards, the spectre of deflation was ruled out and the active asset purchase programme was not modified either... Read more
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Germany : Germany announces the withdrawal of its soldiers deployed on the base of Incirlik
On 7th June the German government announced that it was withdrawing its troops from the base at Incirlik in Turkey for their redeployment in Jordan, due to increasing tension between Germany and Turkey. The German troops based in Konya will remain in position given that they are there under the aegis of NATO... Read more

Bulgaria : French President and German Chancellor host the Bulgarian Prime Minister
On 6th and 7th June President Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov met the French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They addressed the issue of Bulgaria's integration of the euro zone and the Schengen area and also that of the integration of the Western Balkans... Read more
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Spain : Carles Puigdemont announces a referendum on Catalonia's self-rule
On 9th June the leader of the Catalan government Carles Puigdemont announced a referendum on self-rule for Catalonia that will be held on 1st October with the question "Do you want Catalonia to be an independent State in the shape of a republic?" The Spanish government is against the organisation of this referendum, which is deemed anti-constitutional... Read more
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Re-purchase of the Banco Popular by Santander
On 7th June the European Central Bank and the European Commission announced the repurchase of the Spanish bank, Banco Popular by its fellow Banco Santander for a symbolic euro... Read more
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Estonia : Mariano Rajoy hosts Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas
On 5th June Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy hosted his Estonian counterpart Jüri Ratas. They discussed economic, security, digital issues and sustainable development in Europe, as well as the deployment of Spanish troops in Estonia under NATO's "Baltic Air Policing" programme... Read more
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France : Meeting with the Polish Foreign Affairs Minister
On 7th June Jean-Yves Le Drian and Witold Waszczykowski, respectively the French and Polish Foreign Affairs Ministers met in Paris to discuss the future of Franco-Polish relations... Read more
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Italy : G7 on the environment: the US still going it alone
On 11th and 12th June the G7 met in Bologna, Italy to move forward in the issue of the environment and especially to try and convince the USA to remain an ally regarding this issue. However the US positions and that of the other G7 countries still diverge... Read more

Czech Republic : Conference on Defence and Security
On 9th June the Czech government organised a conference with the European Commission on security and defence to address the future European defence strategy... Read more
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UK : Theresa May forms a minority government
British Prime Minister Theresa May re-appointed the main ministers to office on 11th June just ten days before the opening of negotiations over the Brexit. But this reshuffled government hangs in the balance since the Conservative Party lost its absolute majority in Parliament... Read more
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Sweden : United Nations: Conference on the Ocean
The UN conference on the oceans ended on 9th June and was welcomed as a gesture to the "to the forgotten element in the COP21". Amongst other things it aims to support the implementation of the sustainable development goal 14... Read more
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Ukraine : Temporary autonomous trade measures in support of Ukraine
On 6th June 2017, the Council came to agreement regarding temporary autonomous trade measures in support of Ukraine... Read more

Council of Europe : Annual report on corruption
On 7th June the Council of Europe's group of states against corruption published its annual report on the action taken by its 49 Member States against corruption. It stresses the fact that States under-estimate the effectiveness of preventive policies as they give preference to repressive measures... Read more
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Eurostat : The GDP rises by 0.6% in the EU and the euro zone
According to a Eurostat study published on 8th June, over the first quarter of 2017 the GDP rose by 0.6% both in the EU and in the euro zone in comparison with the previous quarter... Read more

Culture : Art Fair Basel
From 15th to 18th June the Basel Art Fair is taking place; it is the most important of its kind in the world with 291 art galleries and 4000 artists taking part... Read more
Mondrian Exhibition in Amsterdam
Until 24th September the Gemeente Museum, Amsterdam is running an exhibition of the works of Piet Mondrian which attempts to explain the painter's life as well as the development of his art... Read more
Opera Festival Riga
Until 18th June an opera festival is taking place in Riga. The 20th festival of its type is being organised by the national opera and offers a beautiful programme... Read more
Jazz Fest Vienna
Until the 10th July the Vienna Jazz Festival is taking place. The concerts take place in the most prestigious venues on offer in the Austrian capital, such as the Staatsoper and also in the open air or at the town hall... Read more
From 14th to 17th June the town of Bergen is hosting its music festival (pop, rock, blues, world, electro, hip-hop, folk ...). Concerts are being organised in the open air, in the medieval castle, in night clubs and theatres... Read more
International meetings in Paris/Berlin
From 13th to 18th June the international meetings Paris-Berlin are taking place on cinema and contemporary art at the House of Cultures of the World in Berlin (Haus der Kulturen der Welt)... Read more
Music festival Luxembourg
From 16th to 21st June music will be heard all over Luxembourg on the occasion of the music festival... Read more

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