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France-Europe, The hypocrites' dance

Editor : Lignes de repères, Editions Saint Simon
Size : 14,5x22 cm
Number of pages : 218
ISBN : 978-2-915134-34-6
Language :
Is France ready for its European coming-out?

Simultaneously driving and hindering European construction, France and its people, sustain an ambiguous relation to Europe, mixed of attraction and repulsion. At the origin of Europe's biggest developments, the French are also responsible for some of its most important stalls.

Thierry Chopin –expert on European subjects- analyses this relationship made of "I love you, me either". Beyond outlooks and slogans, he lingers on shared responsibilities between Europe, which needs to move past its enlightened despotism and face real issues (boundaries, cultural identity, and its role in a globalising world), and France, which too often keeps up the deception that it is European. In truth it seems that French leaders dream of making Europe a "jardin à la francaise".

This essay gives the answers to a possible reconciliation between France and Europe. With the upcoming French presidency of the European Union, now is the time to end this hypocrisy. France's return to Europe depends upon it.
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Thierry Chopin :
Head of research of the Robert Schuman Foundation, associate professor at the Catholic University of Lille (ESPOL)

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