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A European in a hurry

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Size : 15x24 cm
Number of pages : 288
ISBN : 978-2-35417-030-1
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Has France made its comeback to Europe? Nicolas Sarkozy adopted this theme during the presidential campaign in 2007, at the risk of shaking up a number of preconceptions.

By exploring the hidden corners of European politics - about which he knows a great deal - Jean-Dominique Giuliani takes us through summits and negotiations, looking in depth at the French President's strategy. Complicated relations with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, the Union's borders, the euro, work undertaken to renconcile with the countries in Central Europe, the Mediterranean and his specific points of interest, defence issues - are all addressed using real situations as a base that have been experienced by the major players in the international arena. Unique conversations, stories, behind the scenes are used to illustrate the Sarkozy method.

The author deciphers a point in time: Will the European Union ever have a president. Does Tony Blair have any chance in this race? Who are his rivals? Does Nicolas Sarkozy really support him? Total immersion in the reality of Europe presents a French president whose face has remained hidden, far from the glam and excesses of celebrity life.
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Jean-Dominique Giuliani :
Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation and President of ILERI (School of International Relations)

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