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For a united Europe

Editor : Fondation Robert Schuman
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Just as the European Council in Copenhagen is in full swing and the decision to enlarge the Union will be taken, the Robert Schuman Foundation has published a volume entitled "For a United Europe" in its collection of "Foundation Papers". This work written, by Jean-Dominique Giuliani, President of the Robert Schuman Foundation comprises two chapters of around 100 pages each. His timing is perfect in providing us with a new vision of this European step forwards. Designed for everyone "For a United Europe" demonstrates succinctly details of analysis, explanations and prospective data on the future of Europe.

In the first chapter different statements about this step forwards for Europe are explored via the defence of the enlargement:

- The unsubstantiated concerns about enlargement

- The results that might be expected of it, particularly on an economic level

- The membership process and negotiations to be undertaken by each of the future members.

The second chapter, a true overview of the enlargement offers a technical information sheet and a detailed map of each of the Ten as well as Bulgaria and Romania.
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Jean-Dominique Giuliani :
Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation

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