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Justice, Police and Security in the European Union

Editor : Fondation Robert Schuman
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Just as French Parliament has been called to revise the Constitution in terms of the European Arrest Warrant Hubert Haenel points out that "Justice and security are the areas where, along with foreign policy, there is the strongest demand on Europe made by its citizens".

In the first part of his book, Hubert Haenel draws up an overview of European co-operation in terms of justice and domestic affairs. He recalls the major stages and presents the on-going debate about the Convention.

In the second chapter, "A political project working towards a major ambition", Hubert Haenel, puts forward concrete suggestions that might be undertaken within a common institutional framework or in the form of "strengthened co-operation", for example the creation of a collegial type European public prosecutor's office or a European Ministry for Justice and Domestic Affairs.

Hubert Haenel concludes his publication by insisting on the urgency of setting up common teams and an organisation that will be the source of initiative and co-ordination in the EU to take care of all questions relating to security and justice "since the legitimacy of the construction of Europe will remain unfinished and fragile as long as it is not synonymous with freedom, security and justice for its citizens."
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Hubert Haenel
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