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What strategy should Europe adopt with regard to energy?

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The events of the last few weeks have revealed the importance of what is at play with regard to energy. What is the situation at present in the European Union that for nearly 50% of its energy requirements is dependent on imported sources? How much room does it have to manoeuvre?

Christophe-Alexandre Paillard, the author of the Robert Schuman Foundation Note that focuses on the energy question draws up an overview of the situation in Europe and puts it into the more global context of what is at play in terms of energy security on a world scale.

One observation stands out: in the face of the producing countries and major consuming countries the European Union is not a united player on the world energy market. The various national policies seem dispersed and sometimes contradictory. Will the re-drafting of the Green Paper on energy launched in 2005 by the Commission present an opportunity for Member States to define a true energy strategy and provide the Union with adequate tools to ensure its security?

The author puts forward precise recommendations that refer both to the various energy sources, the control of demand and securing our supplies. This paper comes at a particularly vital time in the development of the world's energy markets.

Christophe-Alexandre Paillard is a civil administrator for the Ministry of Defence (delegation for Strategic Affairs) and is a lecture at Sciences Po Paris. He is the co-writer of the book entitled "Géopolitique du pétrole" published recently by Technip.
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Christophe-Alexandre Paillard
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