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Schuman Report
Schuman Report

The Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2023

Editor : Marie B
Size : 24,5 x 16,5
Number of pages : 289
ISBN : 978-2-49276-3-410
Language :

Europe has changed! Have you noticed?

The President of Moldova, the French Minister for Europe, two MEPs, a Vice-President of the Commission, a French Ambassador, the President of the EBRD, the second in command of European diplomacy and numerous eminent personalities open the doors to a better understanding of what is really going on in Europe, without concealing either the progress made or the challenges facing an unprecedented project that is proving to be more essential than ever before. In its most recent past the European Union has demonstrated, in an unprecedented manner, its unity, its resilience and its capacity to respond.

This 14th edition of the Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union, takes stock of:
- The challenges facing Europe:
- The security and defence issues
- The political challenges, in particular for European integration
- The economic challenges, analysing the consequences for the European growth model

Solutions employed and to come:
- How to build a new European security system?
- How to adapt European institutions and policies?
- Which economic and monetary policies?

The book includes 30 original maps and a complete set of commented statistics.

Now more than ever before, the Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2023 has become an essential guide, a real compass for all readers who wish to understand the major issues at stake in the construction of Europe and its prospects for the future.

The Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2023, edited by Pascale Joannin, is published by Marie B in the Lignes de repères collection.

Available in digital format.
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