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American point of view of the European elections 2014
Brussels - 24/01/2014
On 29th January 2014 Lysios Public Affairs consultancy organised a debate in Brussels together with the Robert Schuman Foundation entitled "European Resurgence or European Shutdown? An American Perspective on the 2014 European Elections". Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Foundation debated with Tyson Barker, Director of the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington.
Debate: How do we win back Europe's heart?
Brussels - 03/10/2013
On the occasion of its 20th anniversary the consultancy Euralia organised a conference together with Robert Schuman Foundation on "How to win back Europe's heart" which took place in Brussels at the Belvue Museum on 3rd October 2013.
Conference on the results of the German elections at the Hanns Seidel Stiftung
Brussels - 26/09/2013
On 25th September 2013 the Hanns Seidel Stiftung organised a conference on the results of the German elections in which the Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani, took part.
EU/Russian relations
Brussels - 09/01/2013
On 9th January 2013 the Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani took part in a seminar organised by the EPP group at the European Parliament in Brussels on EU-Russian.
First EU/Korea Forum
Brussels - 19/09/2012
On 19th September 2012, the Robert Schuman Foundation, the Korea Foundation and the Yonsei University organised the first EU/Korea forum at the European Parliament in Brussels. On this occasion speakers presented the state of relations between the EU and Korea in various areas one year after the signature of the free trade agreement between these two entities.
Six months to conclude the Multi-annual Financial Framework
Brussels - 11/07/2012
On 11th July 2012 in Brussels the Robert Schuman Foundation is organising a meeting with Andreas Mavroyiannis, the Cypriot European Affairs Minister and Reimer Böge, MEP and rapporteur on the multi-annual financial framework. The debate will be hosted by Jean-Dominique Giuliani - the Foundation's Chairman. The speakers will discuss the present issues at stake in the multi-annual financial framework and political perspectives. The multi-annual financial framework has to be conlcuded during the Cypriot presidency and before the end of the year.
Presentation of the Schuman Report 2012 at the European Parliament
Brussels - 27/03/2012
On 27th 2012 the Schuman Report 2012 was introduced in its French and English versions in presence of Joseph Daul, President of the European People's Party in the European Parliament in Brussels.
The New Monetary Convention between the EU and the Principality of Monaco
Brussels - 28/11/2011
On 28th November 2011 the Robert Schuman Foundation and the Principality of Monaco organised a conference in Brussels with Michel Roger, Minister of State for the Principality of Monaco, on the theme of "Monaco and the Euro: the new monetary convention between the EU and the principality of Monaco."
Women for Europe and Citizens' initiative
Brussels - 21/09/2011
The Robert Schuman Foundation in partnership with the European Commission's DG Education and Culture, the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation, the Karamanlis Institute for Democracy organised a conference on 21st September 2011 at the European Parliament in Brussels entitled "Women for Europe and the Citizens' Initiative".
Immigration, borders, asylum: which European policies?
Brussels - 27/06/2011
The Robert Schuman Foundation and the Permanent Representation for France at the EU was organising a debate in Brussels on 27th June 2011 on the theme of "Immigration, borders, asylum: which European policies?" between Jacques Barrot, former Vice-President of the European Commission for Transport, then Justice, Freedom and Security and Carlos Coelho, MEP (EPP/PT). On the invitation of Ambassador Philippe Etienne, the debate was introduced by Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Foundation. On this theme the Foundation has just published a European Interview with Jacques Barrot.