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Conference on Ukraine in Kiev
Europe/Others - 29/05/2009
The Robert Schuman Foundation took part in a round-table jointly organised by the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Embassy of France in Ukraine on "The integration of Ukraine in the European Union: new opportunities and challenges" together with Hubert Haenel, Chair of the European Affairs Committee at the Senate.
Conference with the Albanian ambassadors in Tirana
Europe/Others - 31/10/2008
On 27th and 31st October a conference was held in Tirana with the Albanian ambassadors. Several personalities including Franco Frattini, Italian Foreign Minister and Karel Schwarzenberg, Czech Foreign Minister took part. Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Foundation spoke on 31st October on the theme of "Challenges to and Developments in the EU".
Conference of Aleksander Milinkievich on Belarus
Europe/Others - 06/05/2008
The Robert Schuman Foundation organised a conference-debate on the present situation in Belarus on 6th May together with the French Information Bureau at the European Parliament with Aleksander Milinkievich, democratic opposition leader in Belarus and winner of the Sakharov Prize 2006 awarded by the European Parliament.
Conference in Serbia - "The Reform Treaty, a relaunch of Europe"
Europe/Others - 12/12/2007
The French Cultural Center in Belgrade organised on 12th December a conference, in which Jean-Dominique Giuliani, chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, took part. He spoke on "The Reform Treaty, a relaunch of Europe", and discussed the subject with Sonja Licht, chairwoman of the Fund for Political Excellence.
The Foundation in Albania
Europe/Others - 31/05/2007
Jean-Dominique Giuliani, president of the Robert Schuman Foundation and Xavier de Villepin, former senator and member of the Foundation's Board of directors went to Albania on May 31 and June 1 to inaugurate the first Robert Schuman square in the centre of the historical town of Berat (120km south of Tirana). On this occasion they pleaded for the values of peace, cooperation and reconciliation between States. They met a number of prominent personalities among which the Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the Parliament's Vice-president Fatos Beja to discuss Albania's situation and the Kosovo issue.
Europe/Others - 30/03/2006
Which way towards democracy and which neighbours for Europe?
Europe/Others - 23/02/2006
Conference "Ukraine and France, a partnership for Europe"
National convention of the European Union's information Medias
Europe/Others - 26/10/2005
Networking Europe Conference, Bucharest National Convention, 26-27 September 2005.
Europe/Others - 16/04/2004
The European future of Montenegro Herceg Novi, debate at the Mediterranean Centre Igalo
Ukraine Training
Europe/Others - 19/02/2004
Theory, history and practical experience of the principal political currents in France and in Europe.