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FIFTEEN + TEN - The big enlargement
France - 04/11/2003
Since May 1, 2004, the European Union has twenty-five members. The fifth European enlargement is the largest in terms of number of countries and citizens concerned.
Training seminar for Russian youth in France
France - 03/11/2003
The Robert Schuman Foundation, in partnership with the Moscow School of Political Studies, and with the support of the Foreign Ministry and the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes, organised a study trip on the subject: "Europe, local institutions and civil society". 25 Russian decision-makers took part in it.
Presentation of the Romanian translation of Robert Schuman's For Europe in Strasbourg
France - 30/09/2003
At Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg on September 30th, a Romanian translation of Robert Schuman's book For Europe was presented to the public. The preface was written by the Romanian prime minister, Adrian Nastase and the translation carried out by Pompilius Celan, the Romanian ambassador to the Council of Europe.
Presentation of note n°18
France - 23/09/2003
What will France do to change, adapt itself, and invent without Europe, in this world that has become our own, with its new constraints, its new demands in terms of quality and safety but also its new possibilities?
Asia - Europe
France - 16/09/2003
Seminar: Asia- Europe September 16th, Robert Schuman Foundation and Institut Choiseul for International Politics.
Note n°17
France - 26/06/2003
With almost 8000 deaths on the roads in 2002 - the first cause of mortality for people aged between 20 and 30 - France is one of the European countries the most affected by road accidents.
Note n°16
France - 17/06/2003
European area of Justice and Security has developed until today in a pragmatic way.
Presentation of Sandra Kalniete's book
France - 27/03/2003
Memories of Sandra Kalniete, Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs and former ambassador of Latvia in France. Her parents were sent to a gulag in Siberia where she was born in 1952, and where she lived for five years before going back to Latvia in 1957.
6th Global Coordination of democratic foundations
France - 20/03/2003
The Robert Schuman Foundation and the Jean Jaurès Foundation organised the 6th Global coordination of democratic foundations that took place on March 20 and 21, 2003, at the French National Assembly.
Note n°13
France - 18/03/2003
On March 18, Hubert Haenel, Senator of Haut-Rhin (France), President of the Senate delegation for the European Union, Member of the Convention on the future of Europe, presented his note entitled "Justice, Police and Security in the European Union" during a Press conference at the Foundation.