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Presentation of Sandra Kalniete's book
France - 27/03/2003
Memories of Sandra Kalniete, Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs and former ambassador of Latvia in France. Her parents were sent to a gulag in Siberia where she was born in 1952, and where she lived for five years before going back to Latvia in 1957.
6th Global Coordination of democratic foundations
France - 20/03/2003
The Robert Schuman Foundation and the Jean Jaurès Foundation organised the 6th Global coordination of democratic foundations that took place on March 20 and 21, 2003, at the French National Assembly.
Note n°13
France - 18/03/2003
On March 18, Hubert Haenel, Senator of Haut-Rhin (France), President of the Senate delegation for the European Union, Member of the Convention on the future of Europe, presented his note entitled "Justice, Police and Security in the European Union" during a Press conference at the Foundation.
Note n°12
France - 24/02/2003
On February 24, Pierre LEQUILLER, deputy of Yvelines (France), President of the French National Assembly delegation for the European Union, Member of the Convention on the future of Europe, presented his note entitled "A President for Europe" during a Press Conference at the Foundation.
Conference Europe - Latin America
France - 29/01/2003
On January 29th, a conference entitled "Europe-Latin America: towards a new partnership?" took place at the Centre International de Conférence Kleber in Paris. It was organised by the review "Problème d'Amérique Latine", in collaboration with the Robert Schuman Foundation.
Conference in partnership with La Sorbonne (Paris 1)
France - 17/01/2003
Conference in partnership with La Sorbonne (université Paris 1- Panthéon La Sorbonne) and Johns Hopkins University on the subject: "the future of European institutions and transatlantic relations".
Meeting with Turkish MPs at the Foundation
France - 09/12/2002
On December 9, the Robert Schuman Foundation received a delegation of Members of the Turkish Parliament to evoke the political situation in Turkey and, a few days from the European Council of Copenhagen, to discuss their will to accede to the European Union.
Franco-Lithuanian round-table
France - 04/12/2002
Franco-Lithuanian round-table on enlargement and security in Europe.
Training Seminar
France - 22/11/2002
Training seminar of young Russian professionals in partnership with the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes.
Presentation of the Note "European letter to the President of the French Republic"
France - 21/11/2002
"As part of the conferences of the Maison de l'Europe in Paris, Dominique Reynié presented the Note of the Robert Schuman Foundation "European Letter to the President of the French Republic". Then a debate with the public took place."