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47th congress of Franco-German associations for Europe
France - 20/09/2002
The European Centre Robert Schuman of Scy-Chazelles received the 47th congress of the Federation of the Franco-German Associations for Europe.
University A&M (Texas)
France - 29/07/2002
Reception of a delegation of young American students from A&M University (Texas).
For a French model of defence in the European Union
France - 09/07/2002
On July 9, the presentation of the "Manifesto for a French model of defence in the European Union" took place at the Robert Schuman Foundation, in the presence of Mr. Boyer and Mr. Giuliani, respectively the Chairman of the French Society of Military Studies (SFEM) and of the Robert Schuman Foundation.
Seminar in Budapest
France - 23/06/2002
The Robert Schuman Foundation organised in Budapest a training session for about 40 European youth from South-East Europe on the subject "Governance of local communities in a democratic rule of law state". The French Ambassador in Hungary took part in this seminar.
9th Franco-German Forum of Sciences Po
France - 27/03/2002
The Foundation supported the 9th Franco-German forum of Sciences Po. A large number of conferences were organised during March on the subject of enlargement, with B. GEREMEK, on conflict resolution.
European opinion
France - 06/03/2002
Presentation of the 2002 edition of the European opinion at Sciences-Po.
Visit of the President of the Albanian Republic
France - 06/12/2001
During his visit in France, the President of the Albanian Republic Mr. Rexhep MEIDANI, was received by the heads of the Robert Schuman Foundation for an informal exchange of perspectives on the situation in Albania, and to evoke a future cooperation in order to develop Franco-Albanian relations.
A world to reconsider- September 9/11
France - 13/11/2001
Presentation of the book "A world to reconsider - September 9/11" Editions economica.
Visit of American students from A&M University (Texas)
France - 01/07/2001
The Robert Schuman received about thirty students from A&M University that were in Paris for a study abroad program on Europe, that led from Normandy to Germany, visiting Brussels, Scy-Chazelles and Strasbourg along the way.
Presentation of the website
France - 12/06/2001
"25 millions of European students were invited to participate on March 4-8, 2002, in the first online election of their 50 representatives within a European Student Council. This initiative was presented on June 12 by Eu-studentvote and its president, Franck Biancheri, in the premises of the Robert Schuman Foundation, which supported this initiative."