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EU/Russian relations
Brussels - 09/01/2013
On 9th January 2013 the Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani took part in a seminar organised by the EPP group at the European Parliament in Brussels on EU-Russian.
First EU/Korea Forum
Brussels - 19/09/2012
On 19th September 2012, the Robert Schuman Foundation, the Korea Foundation and the Yonsei University organised the first EU/Korea forum at the European Parliament in Brussels. On this occasion speakers presented the state of relations between the EU and Korea in various areas one year after the signature of the free trade agreement between these two entities.
Europe in America - Learning from Each Other
World - 13/05/2011
On 13th May 2011 the Old Dominion University of Norfolk (United States) organised a conference entitled in which the Chairman of the Foundation Jean-Dominique Giuliani took part. He spoke at a round table "European Integration and Economic Governance."
Which Europe in the World?
France - 19/01/2011
The IEP of Strasbourg (France) organised a conference together with the Robert Schuman Foundation on 19th January 2011 on the theme : "Which Europe in the World?". The conference started with an analysis of the European External Action Service (EEAS) notably with Maxime Lefebvre, Director of International Relations for the ENA, author of a study on the EEAS for the Foundation; the second part was devoted to the EU's external neighbourhood policy notably with Alexandra Goujon who has also written several studies for the Foundation.
Europe and the World in 2020
Brussels - 19/01/2011
The Franco-German Studies Committee of the IFRI and the Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung of the University of Bonn organised a conference in Brussels on 19th January 2011 on the theme of "Europe and the World in 2020 - Franco-German Outlook" in which the chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani. He spoke on the theme "For leadership via Credibility - Recommendations for a more effective European Policy."
Europe-USA-Russia Forum
World - 09/12/2010
Turbulence in the US- or EU-Russia affairs influence vital interests of both sides of the Atlantic. Colored revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, the Georgian war in 2008 and Russia-Ukraine gas disputes have generated tensions between Russia and the West. On 9th December 2010 Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation took part in the panel "Values and Political Tradition: Commonalities and Differences" in Washington (United States).
Relations between Europe and Korea
World - 20/05/2010
On 20th May 2010 the Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation Jean-Dominique Giuliani went to Seoul in South Korea and participated in two conferences on relations between the European Union and Korea.
Franco-American conference in Washington
World - 19/05/2009
The Robert Schuman Foundation and the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University organised a conference in Washington on 19th May entitled "France, America and the World: a New Era in France-American Relations?" together with Jean François-Poncet, former French Foreign Minister, Member of the Foundation's Administrative Board. Five themes were addressed: strategic challenges; economy; the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Russia and finally Africa. This conference was enable the conclusion of work by the Franco-American group that was established by the two organisers in the summer of 2008. An initial conference was organised in Paris on 5th December 2008.
Speach of Jean-Dominique Giuliani at the Brookings Institution in Washington
World - 20/11/2008
The Centre for the USA and Europe at the Brookings Institution in Washington together with the French Presidency of the EU organised a series of meetings with French personalities to review the French Presidency, analyse its impact on Europe and the way the Irish NO, the Russo-Georgian War and the financial crisis have been dealt with. Jean-Dominique Giuliani spoke on 20th November on Nicolas Sarkozy's influence on developments in the priorities that he initially established and on the possible changes to the EU after this presidency.
Moscow: Law, politics, economy and mass media
World - 23/07/2006
The Moscow School of Political Studies held a seminar in Golitsyno from July 23rd to 29th on the theme "Law, politics, economy and mass media". Jean-Dominique Giuliani, chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, spoke about the European Union and its role in promoting law and democracy. He then answered questions from students.