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Summary :

USA Strikes back ; USA : Counter Attack ; Anti-Terrorism Law ;Employment ; Mountain Infantry, NMD ; NATO : Terrorism ; Council of Europe : Legal Co-operation ; Commission : Air Transport ; Parliament : Combating the Financing of Terrorism ; Philippe Morillon ; France : Valery Giscard díEstaing ; United-Kingdom : Jack Straw ; NEWS ; Presidency : Russia ; Parliament : Turkey ; Commission : Research ; Gold ; Labour ; Retail Trade ; Transport ; Loyal Trade Practices ; Germany : Rail transport ; Austria : Immigration ; Chinese ; France : Jacques Chirac ; Poland : Leszek Miller ; Russia : Transiberian ; Turkey : Death Penalty ; The Robert Schuman Foundation : Synthesis nį16 "Immigration Problems in Europe" ; Euro-Info, INFOS ; Publications : Robert Schumanís Europe ; Globalisation Dictionary ; Conference : Enlargement : where is political Europe ? European Agenda

USA Strikes back


Counter Attack

Less than a month after the attack on New York and Washington, the USA has launched an attack by air on Taleban military targets.

The map of the bombardments on the nights of 7th and 8th October:

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Anti-Terrorism Law

The anti-terrorism legislation suggested by President Bush is making progress in Congress and is due to be debated this week.

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The American economy lost 199,000 jobs last month which is the greatest loss for over a decade. Nevertheless the unemployment rate remains at its previous level of 4.9%

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Mountain Infantry

Nearly 1000 mountain infantrymen of the 10th Mountain Regiment of the US Army have been deployed in Uzbekistan. (en russe)

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The Senate has unanimously approved the defence budget totalling 345 billion dollars 8.3 of which will be dedicated exclusively to the national anti-missile defence system.

The American Foreign Policy Council site:

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On the request of the USA the North Atlantic Council has taken eight steps, on both an individual and collective level to widen the options available in the campaign against terrorism.

The speech by NATOís Secretary General:

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Council of Europe

Legal Co-operation

At the end of their 24th Conference in Moscow European Justice Ministers have suggested a plan of action to combat terrorism by adapting existing and conceiving new international tools, and also by strengthening legal co-operation in this field.

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Air Transport

The Commission will suggest to the Council of European Transport Ministers on 16th October a set of ideas to help the European air transport industry. In addition to this the European Commission suggests that a State may take over certain costs which until now have been assumed by the companies. This would involve costs relative to strengthening security measures on the one hand and the supplementary costs created by the rise in insurance premiums.

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Combating the Financing of Terrorism

The European Parliament adopted a regulation to allow Member States to freeze terroristsí accounts and to fight against the financing of terrorism by 417 votes in favour, 44 against and 17 abstentions. This regulation is due to expire at the end of 2003 and may be reviewed after a year.

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Philippe Morillon

During a debate on the political and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan the Euro MP, Philippe Morillon (MEP) stressed the importance of the European Unionís position in this part of the world.

The speech:

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Valery Giscard díEstaing

"Emotional solidarity must be taken forth by solidarity in action." declared Valery Giscard díEstaing during a debate at the National Assembly and following on from a statement issued by the government on the situation in the wake of the 11 September attacks.

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Jack Straw

According to Jack Straw, the Foreign Affairs Secretary, the action directed against military and terrorist targets in Afghanistan would last weeks.

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Russia and the European Union have agreed to provide their relationship with new impetus and to organise monthly meetings on defence and international policy matters.

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The Alain Lamassoure (MEP) has delivered two draft reports to the Commission for Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security, and Defence Policy. One focuses on the progress made by Turkey in becoming a member, the other on the suggested regulation by the Council on pre-membership financial aid for Turkey.

The Reports:

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The European Commission has adopted a document on the regional dimension of the European Research Area. It encourages local and regional authorities, particularly those in under developed areas, to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the European Research Area.

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France has been asked to change its regulations on gold due to inequity with other Member States. In France only work bearing the title 750 thousandths (18 carat) is allowed to be called "gold". Those bearing 375 or 585 thousandths are a gold alloy. However most gold objects imported into France from other Member States do fall into the category bearing 375 or 585 thousandths.|0|RAPID&lg=FR

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In the Euro Zone, the total hourly cost of labour has risen by 2.7% in nominal terms over the second trimester 2001 in comparison with the same period in 2000. In the European Union the rise was 3.1% in comparison with 3.6% in the first trimester.|0|RAPID&lg=FR

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Retail Trade

The volume of sales in the retail trade rose by 1.3% in the Euro Zone and by 2.3% in the European Union during July 2001 in comparison with July 2000. In comparison with June 2001 sales rose by 0.3% in the Euro Zone and by 1.3% in the European Union.|0|RAPID&lg=FR

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Following the White Book on Transport the European Commission is suggesting a concentration of investments on infrastructure projects in the trans-European network in an effort to dissolve bottlenecks and to fight congestion. The idea is to make a list of major projects and to reveal the maximum level of community financing in the case of some critical rail projects as well as trans-border projects with future members states.|0|RAPID&lg=FR

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Loyal Trade Practices

The European Commission has adopted a Green Book on Loyal Trade Practices aiming to ensure consumer protection. The Green Book aims to create a debate on the possibilities which might improve the functioning of the domestic market in terms of e-commerce between companies and private individuals.|0|RAPID&lg=FR

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Rail Transport

Research is underway into the construction of a high speed magnetic train linking Berlin, Budapest via Dresden, Prague and Vienna. According to the study carried out by Transrapid International which was founded by Thyssen/Krupp, Adtranz and Siemens, the construction costs of the 950Km line will rise to 14 billion Euro.

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Austria will be one of the first European countries to take the fingerprints of asylum seekers. According to Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel this measure will be put into effect as soon as possible.

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The newspaper the Salzburger Nachrichten tells of the enquiry by Austrian authorities which reveals that Chinese living in Austria never seem to die. According to the newspaper the police think that deaths are never recorded officially so that new arrivals can use the deceasedís resident permit.

(in German)

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Jacques Chirac

"In todayís new context Europe is both an obvious, necessary and urgent fact Ö"

To read the whole of the Presidentís speech delivered during a Regional Forum on the Future of Europe in Montpellier, Thursday 4 October.

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Leszek Miller

President Aleksander Kwasniewski has appointed the leader of the Democratic Alliance of the Left (SLD), Leszek Miller to the post of Prime Minister.

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The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasianov laid the foundation stone for the first Transiberian merchandise terminal in the town of Bohumin in the Czech Republic.

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Death Penalty

Turkish MPís adopted 34 amendments to the Constitution including the abolition of the death penalty for a number of crimes. This comes in an effort to align Turkish legislation with European criteria.

Parliament site:

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The Robert Schuman Foundation


Synthesis Number 16 "Immigration Problems in Europe" by Jean-Miguel Pire allows us to make a succinct comparison between the different European legislation governing immigration and the right to asylum.


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With the transfer over to the Euro on the horizon in 12 of the 15 countries in the European Union envy is now being awakened elsewhere amongst the three remaining countries.

On September 18th the Swedish Prime Minister, Goeran Persson declared that the Euro could be "of the greatest interest to Sweden", during his general policy speech which inaugurated a Parliamentary session. The ruling social democrat party has promised Swedes a referendum, without defining a date however. Surveys show that hostility towards the single currency has dropped significantly. It was precisely because of a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the general public that Sweden rejected the Euro.

In Great Britain the Prime Minister, Tony Blair has been more specific. Before the Labour Party conference in Brighton on 2nd October he promised a referendum before the end of the present term of office which is due to terminate in 2006 at the latest. This would however be on condition that the economic criteria are met. "Europe is not a threat but an opportunity for Great Britain," declared Tony Blair.

Finally in Denmark a survey indicates that for the first time in nearly two years opinion in favour of the Euro (44%) is higher than that against (42%).

The noisy, ponderous entry by the Euro on 1st January 2002 should accentuate these turns in trend. The three countries who excluded themselves from the Euro will probably not want to remain isolated for very long.

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Robert Scumanís Europe

The University Press of the Sorbonne, Paris has published a book entitled, "Robert Schumanís Europe," the illustrations of which are particularly rich. It uses the archives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry for the very first time. This work follows Robert Schumanís efforts to inaugurate the durable construction of Europe.

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Globalisation Dictionary

Ellipse Editions has published a "Dictionary of Globalisation" under the direction of Pascal Lorot, President of the European Institute of Geoeconomy. This work comprises 495 pages and reveals all the terms linked to the concept of globalisation.

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Enlargement: Where is political Europe?

"What is the cost and what are the advantages of enlarging Europe?"

This was the theme of a debate organised on 4th October by the CERI (Centre díEtudes et de Recherches Internationales) with Heather Grabbe, an extremely pro-European research director from London. All topical questions were broached before an audience of 100: Can the planned calendar be adhered to? Will Poland, which is behind in respecting the Copenhagen criteria be the first in line? Can the enlarging of Europe take place without Poland? Can a European Union be built following variable monetary speeds? Should the West fear immigration of populations from the East? Are Western European countries really ready to show solidarity towards the East? The extremely iconoclastic Economic Councillor for Enlargement for the Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Finance Ministry, Jean-Joseph Boillot asked this, but in other words: Which rich country is going to pay for the roads in Latvia or Slovakia?

A very lively, contradictory debate ensued about the vital questions surrounding the management of enlargement; whilst countries are doing well they are less and less inclined to join or alternatively how will Europe establish itself and become the primary economic market in the world without also being political?

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European Agenda

Monday 8th October

Council for General Affairs

Employment and Social Affairs

Tuesday 9th October

Informal Ministerial Meeting: Policy of Large Towns

Wednesday 10th October

Meeting "New African Initiative"

Thursday 11th October

Informal Meeting of Defence Ministers

Ministerial Conference EU-Africa

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