Since the beginning of the confinement, the Foundation has accompanied you by bringing you the best of Europe. Virtual visits to museums, concerts, podcasts or 3D trips: we continue to bring you new wonders and resources. Europe is so beautiful...


Virtual photography

The European House of Photography in Paris offers several virtual exhibitions by mixing photography, animation and music.

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National Picture Gallery of Bologna

The Pinacoteca di Bologna offers daily presentations of works from its collections on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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The SMK is open

The new online collection of the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) in Copenhagen offers you the opportunity to enjoy the museum while it is closed. View the art in detail and use the text, images and 3D scans provided.

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Slovakian Catalogue

The National Gallery in Bratislava offers free online access to a catalogue with an English translation of the description of some of his works.

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Poland in Switzerland

The Museum of Poland, in Rapperswil Castle, Switzerland, presents virtual exhibitions in English, and recordings of events organized on the spot.

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Guggenheim Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao shows the most interesting, unknown or unusual aspects of its treasures, so that all art can live through you. Every week, its experts share their views by showing what is visible... and what is not #GUGGENHEIMBILBAOLIVE.

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Daily opera in Palermo

« We won't leave you without music": under this maxim, the Teatro Massimo of Palermo broadcasts a work every day and offers on its website performances and concerts by artists from their own country.

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Shows must go on

Andrew Lloyd Webber, the creator of musicals such as Cats and Phantom of the Opera, puts one of his shows in its entirety online every Friday at 7pm for 48 hours.

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International Jazz Day

The United Nations proposes a re-broadcast of the concert organized on the occasion of World Jazz Day in 2015, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

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The Palace of Music in Barcelona

The Palau de la Música Catalana in partnership with the Orfeo Catala music association offers numerous recordings of plays, concerts, master classes and interviews with artists on its website.

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Diary of a closed theatre

The Munich Residenztheater offers the virtual show "Tagebuch eines geschlossenen Theaters" (Diary of a closed theatre), a poetic, theatrical and humorous backstage tour organised by its artists.

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Radiohead at home

During the lockdown, British rock band Radiohead offers a weekly rebroadcast of one of their concerts on their YouTube channel.

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Art in virtual reality

The French Institute has created the Culture VR platform, which lists artistic creations using virtual reality, some of which are inspired by classical works such as The Mona Lisa and The Water Lilies. These works are accessible online with a virtual reality headset.

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BBC Culture in quarantine

The BBC's Culture in Quarantine platform offers a range of plays, concerts and exhibitions accessible online. The platform offers a section to encourage the creativity of young and old alike at home.

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4 dimensions of Italian heritage

The 4D Museum platform blends art history and technology, and offers a wide range of art objects, from ceramics and statues to silverware, from all angles.

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Le monde devant soi

Produced by the online media Slate, the podcast "Le monde devant soi" offers an analysis of French, European and international political news.

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Life behind the “Iron Curtain”

The Polish cultural magazine offers a podcast in English about Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain. It tells the little-known stories of the time, including the first major events in the GDR, censorship and art under a totalitarian regime.

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The Grassroots View

The "Grassroots View" is the official podcast of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). It offers analyses of European current affairs by Committee members, to bring the perspective of civil society on the major debates that are driving European news.

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Life and works of Egon Schiele

The Franco-German channel Arte dedicates a documentary to the painter Egon Schiele, between friendships, love and artistic break-ups, to be seen in several languages.

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