The future of Europe is also its youth! Since the beginning of the confinement, the Foundation has accompanied you by bringing you the best of Europe. Today we offer you the best of Europe in terms of culture, fun and education, so that your children, young and old, can also discover wonders. Europe is so beautiful...


Les petits d’Orsay

« Les petits M’O » is the joint platform of the musée d'Orsay and the musée de l'Orangerie in Paris dedicated to children. It offers a personalised area for children where they can find games and activities to discover the collections of these two museums.

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Galileo and the sciences

The Galileo Museum in Florence offers many educational resources on the life of Galileo and science in general. These resources comprise videos and distance learning courses for primary and secondary school students.

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Educational British Museum

The British Museum offers a variety of resources to support the school curriculum for children and young people, ages 3 to 16 and up.

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The Children’s Museum of Brussels

Every two days the Children's Museum in Brussels puts online radio programmes, crafts, cooking and other activities.

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Petit Louvre

The Petit Louvre is the museum's site dedicated to children. It features cartoons telling the story of the museum's works, such as the Venus de Milo, the Lady of Auxerre, the Mona Lisa and the Campana Room representing Bonaparte's Egyptian expedition.

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German Technology

The Deutsches Museum in Munich, the German Museum of Science and Technology, explains to children how machines work and the principles of physics using graphics and animations.

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National Museum of Scotland

The National Museums of Scotland accompany young people in the discovery of History, through colouring books, short activities and numerous interactive games.

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Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga

The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga, Spain offers various categories of activities for children and teenagers, from 4 to 18 years old, centred around the works of the museum.

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Le Prado with the family

The Prado Museum in Madrid revisits its works for a playful room-by-room tour to do with the whole family.

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Eureka !

The British educational and interactive children's museum "Eureka!" in Halifax offers online workshops on several themes to entertain children. The program includes a guide to creating fake injuries, rocket ship lessons and learning sign language.

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Palazzo Grassi

Palazzo Grassi in Venice offers a site for teenagers to discover the museum's works of modern art.

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Games at the Caen Museum

The Caen Museum of Fine Arts offers games and puzzles centred around its collections.

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Napolitano Elixir

The San Carlo Theatre in Naples offers children the #ilmioelisirathome (my elixir at home) programme on its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages, a collection of videos to take them behind the scenes of theatre and opera.

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Peter and the Wolf

The Royal Ballet performs Matthew Hart's Peter and the Wolf, choreographed to the music of Prokofiev, which is broadcast free online as part of the #OurHouseToYourHouse series.

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The Scala for children

Every Sunday La Scala offers a new Augusta Gori story for children.

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The Opéra-comique proposes to see or see again Jacques Offenbach's Fantasio created in 1872.

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Jazz for kids

Arthur Lea, jazz leader of the Albert's Band, will present an exclusive 30-minute show entitled "Jazz for Kids" at 2:00 p.m. (TSB) on April 25 as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions.

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Siegfried for children

The Cologne Opera House offers a 70-minute version of Richard Wagner's Siegfried for children from 8 years of age.

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Introduction to classical music

Introduction to Classical Music offers a special children's programme with numerous works and performances.

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Henri Dès live

The Swiss author, composer and performer Henri Dès makes an appointment on his Facebook page every day at 6 pm to listen to a song.

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Funambule Theatre

The Funambule theatre in Paris offers a free video show every day at 11am for the young public.

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Children’s Corner

The European Union site offers many online educational resources: games and quizzes for children, educational tools for teachers.

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Europa = Noi is a platform set up by the Italian government, in partnership with the Commission and the European Parliament. It offers games and courses for all ages on the European Union and how it works.

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Scientific experiments at home

The "Children's University" Foundation, which offers activities, workshops and lectures for young people up to the age of 16, offers on its site free playful factsheets on science to teach the youngest how clouds are formed, or how airplanes fly.

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A European quarter of an hour

During containment, the online media channel “Toute l'Europe” offers the "European quarter-hour" to 7-11- and 12-15-year olds. Every day, new fun and interactive activities are on offer: timelines, who is it, quizzes on the geography of the Union, etc.

See activities for 7-11 year-olds | See activities for 12-15 year-olds


Young European Ambassadors

The EU Young European Ambassadors project aims to strengthen European integration and the link with neighbouring States. It is aimed at young people aged between 16 and 25 from the EU or Eastern Partnership countries.

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European Youth Forum

The European Youth Forum is a platform created by the European Union, bringing together more than 100 youth organisations from all over Europe, with the aim of making young people catalysts for change in Europe.

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European Youth Event

The European Youth Event (EYE) is a biannual youth event organised in Strasbourg by the European Parliament. This year it is offering online conferences on various topics such as Fake News, the future of work and education, mental health and vaccination.

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The ESA for children

The European Space Agency has a website dedicated to young people, where they can find something to satisfy their curiosity.

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Classics to listen to

France Culture offers several series that tell the story of classics for young people, from Tintin to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, including Asterix and Peter Pan.

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Info for children

KiRaKa, a public radio station in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, offers an information programme for children.

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Baby Radio

The award-winning Spanish radio station Baby radio, created in 2011, offers programming dedicated to children under 8 years of age and offers multiple resources such as songs, podcasts and educational content.

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Millennial Poets

A podcast produced by the artist Vir Sammartino for a better understanding of the issues and expectations of young people through poetry.

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Podcast for teens

The podcast of the Bavarian Public Radio addresses teenagers with questions they have about current affairs and society.

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In the stars

The National Space Centre in Leicester broadcasts We are stars, a virtual reality science documentary, on April 24 at 7 p.m. (continental time) on its Youtube channel.

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Good Morning info

The weekly podcast "Salut l'info", a cooperation between France info and the newspaper Astrapi, offers parents and children a daily appointment during the confinement.

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