Managing Covid-19, a journey through Europe

The member states of the European Union have emerged from the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and are resuming their social and economic activities. How did they manage the health crisis and what are its socio-political consequences? What are the responses to the economic shock ? What about the dynamics between European countries and regional trends? While it is still too early to assess the crisis, the Foundation wishes, through this collection, to contribute to the understanding of the sequence we are going through.

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Publishing Director: Pascale JOANNIN

The Robert Schuman Foundation, created in 1991 and acknowledged by State decree in 1992, is the main French research centre on Europe. It develops research on the European Union and its policies and promotes the content of these in France , Europe and abroad. It encourages, enriches and stimulates European debate thanks to its research, publications and the organisation of conferences. The Foundation is presided over by Mr. Jean-Dominique Giuliani.

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