●  Louise Bourgeois in Berlin

Until 23 October, the exhibition "The Woven Child" at the Gropius Bau in Berlin is showing works by Louise Bourgeois, made exclusively from textiles. These works date from the last years of her life as an artist and weave a tale of her past.

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Frankfurt International Theatre Festival

Until 7 August, the International Theatre Festival is taking place at the Weseler Werft on the banks of the river Main in Frankfurt, which has been transformed into a free cultural space for theatre, dance, music and performance on the theme of "Human Rights - Stories of Possibilities".

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Bayreuth Festival

The Bayreuth Opera Festival will take place from 25 July to 1 September. Founded in 1876 by Richard Wagner, it is dedicated to the performance of his ten main operas.

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Expressionnists at Folkwang 

From 20 August to 8 January, the Folkwang Museum in Essen is bringing together 250 Expressionist masterpieces, exploring the links between the artists of this movement and the museum, which was founded in 1902 and has always welcomed works by the greatest painters, such as Van Gogh, Gauguin, Hodler or Munch.

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Francesco Clemente at the Albertina

From 27 July, the Albertina in Vienna will be showing an exhibition on Francesco Clemente as part of the acquisition of the Jablonka collection, which contains numerous works by the Italian-American artist, including self-portraits.

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Carinthian Summer in Ossiach

Until 30 August, the Carinthian Summer Festival offers classical music and jazz concerts at Ossiach Abbey. Musicians from all over the world perform their own works and those of composers such as Mahler and Beethoven. The festival also organises a competition for European musicians under the age of 30, the winners of which will perform at the abbey on 13 August.

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The Bregenz Festival

Until 21 August, the Bregenz Festival will offer theatre, opera, operetta, ballet and symphony concerts on the shores of Lake Constance. The opera festival brings together artists from all over the world and its main stage is set on the lake.

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Salzburg Festival

Until 31 August, the city of Salzburg is hosting its annual classical music and opera festival. Numerous concerts with musicians from all over the world are on the programme. 

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Festivals in Wallonia

Until 18 October, the Festivals of Wallonia are offering 150 classical music concerts throughout the region, showcasing new talent. The festivals also offer a support structure for Ukrainian musicians who have fled to Belgium, on the initiative of Ukrainian pianist Natacha Kudritskaya.

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Art Festival in Huy

The Huy Art Festival, which has been devoted to music and voices from around the world since 1998, welcomes artists from various backgrounds who will be performing traditional music from 17 to 21 August.

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BXLBeerFest Festival in Brussels

On 27 and 28 August, a festival of craft and independent breweries and beers will be held in the former Brussels ferry terminal. The focus is on local beverages (Brasserie de la Senne, Misery, Totem) but it is also possible to taste beers from the Czech Republic, Sweden or the United States.

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Visits of the Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of Brussels will be opening its doors to the public from 28 July to 23 August. The ceremonial rooms, the staircases of honour and the 41-metre long throne room are accessible.

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Varna Summer

Until 7 October, Varna is hosting its annual classical music festival. Performances by French composers are on offer, giving audiences a chance to listen to works by Debussy, Ravel and Dukas.

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Boryana Rossa in Sofia

Until 7 August, the National Gallery in Sofia is presenting an exhibition on the artist Boryana Rossa. Eight portraits of cyborgs invite the visitor to reflect on the relationship between the human species and technology, from a feminist perspective.

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Limassol Documentary Festival

From 1 to 8 August, the city of Limassol is hosting the 17th edition of the International Documentary Festival. Many international productions are on offer.

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Yellow Twilight with a Shade of Purple

From 30 July to 3 September, in Paphos, the exhibition "Yellow Twilight with a Shade of Purple" invites visitors to immerse themselves in the incredibly colourful world of Tigran Tadevosyan, and to discover the amazing boats built by Philip Philippou.

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Festival Outlook Origins

The Outlook Origins festival is taking place from 28 July to 2 August in Tisno, southern Croatia. The organisers have invited various artists who are influential in their field of music (dubstep, dub and reggae, drum and bass and jungle and grime).

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Contemporary Drawings in Split

Until 25 August, the Museum of Fine Arts in Split is showing drawings by Croatian and American artists on the theme of contemporary drawing and its role.

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Copenhagen Opera Festival

The Copenhagen Opera Festival takes place from 19 to 27 August with a programme that seeks to represent opera in all its diversity.

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Hans Christian Andersen Festival in Odense

The Hans Christian Andersen Festival brings to life the historic city of Odense, the birthplace of the novelist, playwright and storyteller. From 21 to 28 August, national and international artists present their own interpretation of Andersen's world.

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Aarhus Festival

From 26 August to 4 September, the Aarhus Festival is presenting a rich programme of music and performing arts that attracts artists and visitors from around the world to celebrate tolerance and diversity through art.

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Veranos de la Villa Festival in Madrid

Until 28 August, a rich programme of cultural events awaits visitors to Madrid. The concert by Jane Birkin at the Conde Duque cultural centre and John Malkovich on stage in The Infernal Comedy are among the highlights of the festival.

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Festival Castell of Peralada

Until the 6th of August, the castle in the town of Peralada is presenting the 36th edition of the music and dance festival that welcomes musicians and dancers from all over the world to the castle gardens.

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The Cap Roig Castle Gardens Festival

The magnificent setting of Cap Roig Castle and its botanical gardens will host artists from the Spanish contemporary scene from 22 July to 15 August, as well as international and world-famous artists such as Christina Aguilera and Sting.

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Egyptian Mummies in Madrid

Until 26 October, the "Egyptian Mummies" exhibition, jointly organised by the Caixa Foundation in Madrid and the British Museum, is an opportunity to travel to Egypt one thousand years before Christ. The exhibition traces the journey of six Egyptian mummies, exploring the place of death in ancient Egyptian culture.

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Organ Festival of Viljandi

Until 7 August, the town of Vijlandi is hosting its organ festival. Numerous concerts will be held in the town's churches. The organists will be accompanied by many instruments such as harpsichords, clarinets and violins.

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Chamber Music Festival in Talinn

From 21 to 28 August, the city of Tallinn will be hosting the 18th edition of the chamber music festival. Entitled "The Magic of Sound". The festival will also award the prize for the best young talent to one of the festival's musicians.

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Sainte-Brigitte Festival in Tallinn

From 6 to 14 August, the ruins of St. Bridget's Monastery in Tallinn will be hosting the Estonian Festival, which combines music and theatre and features artists from all over the world performing classical works and new productions.

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Viapori Jazz 2022

From 23 to 28 August, the fortress island of Suomenlinna will beat to the rhythms of jazz. The biggest names in Finnish jazz will gather for the Viapori jazz festival and delight the summer nights with numerous open-air concerts.

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Festival Sounds of Luosto 2022

From 27 to 31 July, the Lappish landscape of the village of Luosto will provide a unique natural setting for the classical music festival "Sounds of Luosto". Tales and myths mingle with the sounds of orchestras and choirs playing a varied repertoire.

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Helsinki Festival

The Helsinki Festival is the most important arts festival in Scandinavia. From 12 August to 4 September, the festival offers a programme covering a wide range of artistic expressions: theatre, circus, music, visual arts etc. The most popular event of the festival is the Arts Night with its parades and entertainment throughout the city.

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The Journey to Nantes

For its 11th edition, until 11 September, the Voyage à Nantes is investing in new sites and exploring new areas of the city through indoor exhibitions and temporary outdoor installations.

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Lake Festival Annecy

The Lake Annecy Festival returns for its 90th edition on 6 August, on the theme "Histoires d'eaux" with a pyrotechnical and musical show lasting more than an hour above the lake. 300 drones will introduce the show for 10 minutes.

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Strasbourg Street Art Festival

The Strasbourg Street Arts Festival (FARSe) will run from 13 to 15 August with free street performances throughout the city. In the week leading up to the festival, the Heyritz Park will host a few shows and a mini version of FARSe to allow the youngest to experience street arts.

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The Beautiful Bourges Summer

The city of Bourges is organising concerts in various districts until 28 August. Performances will take place in front of the cathedral, partly in partnership with the Chopin Nohant hors les murs festival. Until 29 July, the city's parks will be used for recitals and concerts as part of the "Jardins d'été".

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Figeac Festival

From 24 July to 4 August, the Figeac theatre festival will feature 17 shows, 26 performances of classical and contemporary works and 18 events in the Cour du Puy, the Jardin des Ecritures, Place Champollion and the town's narrow streets.

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Piano Festival in Roque d’Anthéron

Until 20 August, La Roque d'Anthéron is hosting the 42nd edition of the piano festival. Bringing together internationally renowned pianists, the festival mixes jazz and classical music.

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The Chaise-Dieu Festival

From 18 to 28 August, the Chaise-Dieu festival will present a number of classical music concerts in the town's abbey church for the first time since the health crisis.

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Athens Open Air Film Festival

Until 30 August, a selection of great classic films from the history of cinema will be screened outdoors in the setting of emblematic sites such as the Roman Agora or Plato's Academy.

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Philippi Festival in Kavala

Founded in 1957, the Philippi Festival in Kavala is one of the oldest festivals in Greece. Until 31 August, it will offer plays, readings, screenings and music concerts in a programme dedicated to Homer's Odyssey.

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In the footsteps of the sun in Athens

The group exhibition "Epistemologies of the Sun" can be seen until 9 September at the Camhi Art Gallery in Athens. Each of the selected works, sculptures, paintings, collages and weavings, expresses a link between humans and the sun.

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“Kaari Upson: Never Enough” Exhibition in Athens 

Until 27 October, the DESTE Foundation in Athens is hosting two exhibitions. The exhibition Never Enough pays tribute to the artist Kaari Upson with 30 works, tracing the life and career of the artist, who died in 2021. The Apollo exhibition presents new sculptures by the artist Jeff Koons.

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SZIGET Festival

The Sziget Festival, which is being held from 10 to 15 August in Budapest on the island of Obuda, is one of the largest popular musical and cultural events in Europe.

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The Flower Carnaval in Debrecen

The Flower Carnival of the city of Debrecen will take place from 15 to 21 August. The Mexican opera singer Ramon Vargas will open the event with the Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra on Kossuth Square. The "Dancing in the City" project, with 1,200 dancers from dance groups from Debrecen and the surrounding area, will perform at various locations in the city.

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75 years of Magnum in Budapest 

Until 4 September, an exhibition of photographs celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Magnum photo agency. The exhibition at the Robert Capa Centre focuses on the photographers behind the lens, exploring their evolution and personal stories.

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Arts Festival in Kilkenny

The Kilkenny Medieval City Festival will take place from 4 to 14 August. For this 49th edition, over 100 performances of music, theatre, opera, dance and literature await visitors.

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Heritage Days in Ireland

From 13 to 21 August, National Heritage Week will celebrate Ireland's cultural heritage. The event is part of the European Heritage Days, an initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union to highlight the wealth of Europe's heritage.

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Chamber Music on the island of Valentia 

The Chamber Music Festival is held in the spectacular setting of Valentia Island in Ireland from 17 to 21 August and offers a rich programme of composers, musicians and choirs.

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Musical Afternoons in Milan

The Pomeriggi musicali orchestra is performing until 6 August in the open air at the Chiostro della Magnolia in Milan during 5 evenings.

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ColorFest in Catanzaro

ColorFest is one of the most popular music festivals in southern Italy. It will be held from 11 to 13 August in Calabria.

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The Piano Festival in the Itria Valley

Until 15 August, the Piano Lab festival will present more than 700 concerts in several towns in the Puglia region. Hundreds of pianists of different nationalities come to enchant the summer evenings, including Yann Tiersen.

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Music Festival in Ravello

From 26 to 28 August, the Budva Music Festival is one of the biggest events for music lovers. The beach at Buljarica Bay in Budva hosts some of the biggest names in international music and a wide variety of musical genres.

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Laiva Festival on Lake Jugla

On 13 August, Lake Jugla, near Riga, will be hosting the Laiva festival, where spectators can enjoy classical, jazz and rock concerts from the shore as well as from boats and kayaks on the lake.

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Sigulda Opera Festival

From 29 to 31 July, the ruins and gardens of the Sigulda Palace will host the city's annual opera festival. Singers from all over the world will perform classics such as La Bohème.

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Colonnade Festival in Vilnius

Until 1 September, the Vilnius City Hall is offering a "Colonnade" event, which features jazz, classical and rock concerts, choirs and dance performances by 700 artists from around the world.

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Granatos Music Festival

From 5 to 7 August, the Rumsiskes open-air museum will host the 8th Granatos festival, inviting internationally renowned musicians to perform in concerts featuring pop music.

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Summer in the City

Jusqu’au 12 septembre, la ville de Luxembourg accueille la 27e édition de son festival d’été qui se compose de concerts, de spectacles de danse, d’expositions.

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Tacita Dean Exhibition

Until 5 February, the Mudam in Luxembourg is presenting an exhibition on Tacita Dean. The English artist's work takes the form of photographs, films, sounds, prints and collages. She is known for her attention to history and the facts of life.

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Film Festival of Gozo

The Gozo Island Film Festival in Malta is being held from 19 to 21 August on the bastions of the citadel. The programme includes local productions and international films for all audiences.

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Patrick Dalli in La ValetteDalli à La Valette

Until 21 August, the Malta Arts Society gallery is hosting an exhibition by Maltese artist Patrick Dalli, with oil paintings that explore the role of form and colour in the abstract.

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From 30 July to 12 August, Friesland will host the Skutsjesilen, a historic sporting competition in which 14 old merchant ships compete in 11 races. Observation points are set up around the various stages of the race to allow the public to admire the sailing ships.

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Chamber Music Festival in Delft

From 27 July to 7 August, the city of Delft hosts the annual Chamber Music Festival. The theme of this 25th edition, 'People and Stories', features over 30 concerts.

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Amsterdam’s Canal Festival

From 12 to 21 August, Amsterdam will host the Canal Festival, which will feature numerous classical music concerts along the canals, on bridges and on boats.

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Exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum

Until 23 October, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is hosting an exhibition by Turkish artist Ozgur Kar that invites reflection on the human condition and self-perception. Until 16 October, the museum is showing works by the Dutch painter Sedje Hémon, the Brazilian poet Adbias Nascimento and the Pakistani designer Imran Mir.

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Chopin Festival

More than 30 concerts and recitals are being organised by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute from 14 to 31 August as part of the international music festival "Chopin and His Europe". The performances focus on European music in the context of its links with the life and work of the musician.

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Cinema in Kracow

Until 31 August, the Pod Baranami cinema in Krakow is showing old and new films in its halls and in the open air, as well as organising an exhibition on cinema and a film poster fair.

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Fest Festival in Chorzow 

From 10 to 13 August, the Chorzow Fest Festival offers a rich variety of musical genres and features internationally renowned artists.

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Lisbon in the Street

Culture will take over the streets of Lisbon during the Lisboa na Rua Festival, which will be held throughout the month of August. All events are free of charge. The programme includes music, cinema, theatre and dance in the city's squares and gardens.

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Sea Festivals in Cascais

From 25 August to 4 September, the Sea Festivals will take place in the Bay of Cascais, with free concerts, fireworks and the traditional procession in honour of Our Lady of the Navigators.

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Photos of the war in Ukraine

Joao Porfirio's photographs are a poignant testimony to the horror currently being played out in Ukraine. Until 16 October, the exhibition held in the Antiga Lota Museum in Portimão brings together what he was able to capture through his lens during his trip to Ukraine.

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Czech Republic

Summer Shakespeare Festival

The Summer Shakespeare Festival is being held throughout the summer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Open-air stages are set up in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava. About 150 plays are to be performed.

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International Music Festival in Cesky Krumlov

The International Music Festival in Cesky Krumlov, a historic town in South Bohemia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will run until 6 August.

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Old Music Festival in Prague

Prague is hosting a festival of early music until 4 August, offering an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Baroque atmosphere, recreated through costumes and choreography from the Baroque, Medieval and Renaissance eras.

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Georges Enescu International Festival

The 18th George Enescu Competition, in which young international musicians take part, will be held from 4 to 18 September at the Bucharest Athenaeum. It will be inaugurated with a gala concert by the George Enescu Philharmonic conducted by Peter Ruzicka.

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Summer Well Festival in Buftea

From 12 to 14 August, the city of Buftea, near Bucharest, will host the 11th edition of the Summer Well festival, which showcases independent and alternative music.

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East European Comic Con in Bucarest

The East European Comic Con is the most important event in Eastern Europe dedicated to fans of comics, animation, video games, TV series and films. It will be held from 26 to 28 August.

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Uprising Festival in Bratislava

The Uprising Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary on 26 and 27 August. The programme includes many styles of music, from Latin music to hip-hop, public readings, stand-ups or film screenings.

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Bardejov Fair

The Bardejov Fair, which is held on the last weekend of August and dates back to the 14th century, includes stalls and a varied cultural programme. It takes place in the historic Town Hall Square and the adjacent historic streets.

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Grape Festival in Trencin

On 12 and 13 August, the site of the Trencin airfield will host the Grape Festival. Artists from all over Europe come to perform on this occasion.

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Kamfest Festival

From 5 to 13 August, the Kamfest Festival will take place in the castle ruins on Mali Grad hill. There are concerts of chamber music and rock n' roll, as well as dance performances and documentary films.

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Poetry and Wine in Ptuj

The Ptuj Poetry and Wine Festival is one of the most important poetry festivals in Europe. From 22 to 27 August, literature and wine lovers from all over the world come to enjoy public readings, screenings, music concerts and exhibitions.

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Tartini Festival in Piran

From 27 August to 9 September, the town of Piran is hosting the 20th edition of the Tartini Festival, which pays tribute to the violinist Giuseppe Tartini and offers classical music concerts in the town's most prestigious sites, such as the Friars Minor Monastery.

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Stockholm Cultural Festival

From 17 to 21 August, the Swedish capital's cultural festival is offering a week of concerts, dance, theatre and other performing arts. More than 500 events are organised in the city.

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Baltic Sea Festival

From 25 August to 3 September, the Baltic Sea Festival will combine classical music, art and ecological considerations. The theme is education in ecological transition. Exhibitions and symphonies highlight the beauty, but also the fragility of the Baltic Sea ecosystem.

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 Anselm Kiefer at the Artipelag

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Artipelag art museum in Gustavsberg, an exhibition will be dedicated to the works of the artist Anselm Kiefer. "Essence-Eksistence" takes visitors on a journey through Kiefer's vision of the world, including a reflection on German national identity from Romanticism to the post-World War II period.

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ION Festival

From 7 to 14 September, the ION festival is the opportunity to visit the region around Dhermi, on the Adriatic coast. While during the day festival-goers are encouraged to visit the surrounding area, in the evening an electronic music programme invites them to dance by the water.

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Festival on an island

The Icelandic traders' festival, called Verslunarmannahelgi, is celebrated from 27 July to 3 August on the island of Heimaey, with several days of music and other festive and cultural activities.

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Exhibition in Vaduz

Until 22 August, the Hilti Foundation is organising an exhibition entitled "Body-Gesture-Space", featuring paintings, sculptures and photographs by 21 artists.

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North Macedonia

Festival international du film des frères Manaki

The Manaki Brothers International Film Festival

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Nordic Metal and Civilisation in Borre

The Midgardsblot metal festival is taking place in Borre from 17 to 20 August. In addition to concerts, the event offers workshops, tastings and seminars on Vikings, Norse mythology and gaming culture.

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Historic Festival in Stiklestad

Every summer in Stiklestad, the place where Viking King Olav Haraldsson fell in battle in 1030, events are organised to find out what life was like in Viking times. Until 7 August, there are performances of traditional plays and activities such as fire training.

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Sea Dance Festival

From 26 to 28 August, the Budva Music Festival is one of the biggest events for music lovers. The beach at Buljarica Bay in Budva hosts some of the biggest names in international music and a wide variety of musical genres.

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United Kingdom

Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival is the world's largest arts festival. For 75 years, it has offered thousands of performances and events. A host of artists from all over the world will perform from 5 to 29 August.

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The BBC Proms

The Proms consists of eight weeks of daily classical orchestral concerts and other events organised by the BBC, mainly at the Royal Albert Hall until 10 September.

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Leon Morrocco in Edinburgh

From 30 July to 28 August, the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh is hosting an exhibition of the Scottish painter Leon Morrocco, which opens on his 80th birthday.

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Gustav Klimt in London

From 30 July, the Boiler House in London is offering an immersive exhibition on the painter Gustav Klimt. The exhibition allows visitors to walk through Klimt's works, which are projected onto the walls of the museum, and to discover his world.

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Jazz in Nis

From 5 to 14 August, the city of Nis is hosting the Jazz Festival, which brings together musicians from all over the world. Numerous concerts will be held in the city and 24 young musicians, who won the Saniti competition organised by the regional festival, are invited to perform there.

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The Locarno Film Festival

From 3 to 13 August, the 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festival will present some 100 feature film premieres from around the world. The films are shown in several theatres in the city and outdoors in the Piazza Grande.

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Achille Laugé in Lausanne 

Until 30 October, the Fondation de l'Hermitage in Lausanne is showing 24 works by Achille Laugé, a painter of the neo-impressionist movement. The exhibition explores the landscapes of Occitania, through paintings in which the painter's sensitivity is combined with the rigorous method and technique of neo-impressionism.

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Zürich Openair

Zürich Openair is one of the most important festivals in Switzerland with a top-class international programme. From 23 to 27 August, festival-goers can dance to the beat of David Guetta, Kings of Leon, Martin Garrix, Arctic Monkeys and Kygo.

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