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Democracy, institutions and citizenship
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In the Lega-M5S government contract something is gaining power: popolocrazia

European Interview n°98 - 04/06/2018

Marc Lazar, Professor of History and Political Sociology, Director of the Centre for History, Sciences Po and Chair of the Scientific Council of the School of Government of the Luiss (Rome) decyphers the present Italian situation for the Foundation notably after the entry into office of the new 5 Stars Movement-Lega government.

Pierre Hassner
European Issue n°475 - 28/05/2018
Jérôme Gazzano - Andi Mustafaj
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Angel Sanchez Navarro
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Laurent Pech - Sébastien Platon
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Alexis Fourmont
European Issue n°439 - 10/07/2017
Jean-Paul Betbèze
European Interview n°96 - 03/07/2017