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Brexit, lessons in negotiations for the European Union

Eric Maurice
European Issue n°494 - 26/11/2018

On 25th November the European Union's 27 heads of State and government approved the draft agreement for the exit of the UK concluded on 14th November, together with the political declaration, which defines the general framework of the future relation between the UK and the EU.

Pierre Hassner
European Issue n°475 - 28/05/2018
Jérôme Gazzano - Andi Mustafaj
European Issue n°467 - 26/03/2018
Angel Sanchez Navarro
European Issue n°456 - 18/12/2017
Laurent Pech - Sébastien Platon
European Issue n°451 - 13/11/2017
European Issue n°445 - 02/10/2017