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The EU and Globalisation
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The Black Sea, the spectre of a new Iron Curtain?

Radu Magdin
European Issue n°638 - 04/07/2022

As the meeting point between Europe, Russia, Turkey and the United States through NATO, the Black Sea is a crucial stake in the war in Ukraine. A compromise in favour of Russia would be the final blow to the world order that the EU hopes to build.

Laurent Lacroix
European Issue n°561 - 02/06/2020
Henri Thomé
European Issue n°548 - 24/02/2020
Jean-Paul Betbeze
European Issue n°523 - 08/07/2019
Pierre Vimont
European Issue n°515 - 13/05/2019
Benoit Coeuré
European Issue n°468 - 03/04/2018