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Education and Training
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In support of European Apprenticeships, "the only thing that counts is the trainees' interest"

Jean Arthuis
European Issue n°606 - 13/09/2021

The Erasmus+ exchange programme, soon to celebrate its 35th anniversary, is a success story for higher education. The "Erasmus generations" still include few apprentices. It is now necessary to remove the various obstacles that prevent many young people from benefiting from a European experience.

Stefanie Buzmaniuk
European Issue n°541 - 23/12/2019
Mariya Gabriel
European Issue n°524 - 15/07/2019
Constance Bommelaer de Leusse - Lucien Castex
European Issue n°484 - 17/09/2018
Luc Desaunettes
European Issue n°322 - 21/07/2014
Florence Kamette
European Issue n°212 - 05/09/2011