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Enlargement and Borders
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Challenges facing the CAP over the next decade

Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°547 - 17/02/2020

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will enter the next decade relieved by Brexit of its fiercest opponent but weakened by the external pressures to which it has been subjected, and disrupted by the enlargement of the European Union.

Sir Michael Leigh
European Issue n°485 - 24/09/2018
Arnault Barichella
European Issue n°409 - 31/10/2016
Pierre-Alain Coffinier
European Issue n°408 - 24/10/2016
Jean-Dominique Giuliani
European Issue n°398 - 27/06/2016
Michel Foucher - Gilles Lepesant
European Issue n°357 - 18/05/2015
Jean-Dominique Giuliani
European Issue n°352 - 13/04/2015
Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
European Issue n°340 - 19/01/2015