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Strategy, Security and Defence
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The State of the Transatlantic Relationship in the Trump Era

Anna Dimitrova
European Issue n°545 - 03/02/2020

Anna Dimitrova is an Associate Professor of International affairs at ESSCA School of Management (Paris) and a researcher at the EU-Asia Institute of ESSCA. She is also a guest lecturer at CIFE (Centre international de formation européenne).

Jean-Paul Betbeze
European Issue n°523 - 08/07/2019
Jean-Dominique Giuliani - Arnaud Danjean - Françoise Grossetête - Thierry Tardy
European Issue n°474 - 22/05/2018
Thierry Tardy
European Issue n°455 - 11/12/2017
Jorge Domecq
European Interview n°95 - 19/06/2017
Antonio Missiroli - Florence Gaub - Nicu Popescu - John-Joseph Wilkins
European Issue n°415 - 19/12/2016
Jean-Dominique Giuliani
European Issue n°405 - 03/10/2016
Pierre Vimont
European Issue n°404 - 26/09/2016
Charles de Marcilly - Angéline Garde
European Issue n°396 - 13/06/2016