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Strategy, Security and Defence
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The challenges in protecting maritime areas of common interest, from the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific

Hervé Hamelin
European Issue n°631 - 02/05/2022

Recognised and respected for its economic weight, the European Union must also be able to influence maritime security issues which are strategic for it and its partners throughout the world. It has a key role to play in securing areas of common interest, through its naval operations, its capacity-building and governance programmes.

Ramona Bloj - Stefanie Buzmaniuk
European Issue n°629 - 19/04/2022
Elie Perot
European Issue n°608 - 27/09/2021
Sarah Brichet - Hugo Chouarbi - Marie Dénoue - Valérian Frossard - Armony Laurent - Nicolas Libert - Anne-Flore Magnuszewski - Pauline Maillard - Juliette Rolin
European Issue n°592 - 19/04/2021
Eric Maurice
European Issue n°590 - 06/04/2021
Ramona Bloj - Stefanie Buzmaniuk
European Issue n°577 - 16/11/2020