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Strategy, Security and Defence
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"We have reached a crucial momentum for European Defence"

Jorge Domecq
European Interview n°95 - 19/06/2017

The Foundation publishes an exclusive interview with Jorge DOMECQ, executive director of the European Defence Agency (EDA). He discusses recent developments and dynamics of common security and the challenges of Brexit, cyber security, and maritime surveillance.

Antonio Missiroli - Florence Gaub - Nicu Popescu - John-Joseph Wilkins
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Jean-Dominique Giuliani
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European Issue n°404 - 26/09/2016
Charles de Marcilly - Angéline Garde
European Issue n°396 - 13/06/2016
Jean-Dominique Giuliani
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European Issue n°372 - 23/11/2015
Joachim Bitterlich
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Alain Chouet
European Issue n°339 - 12/01/2015