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Parliamentary elections reveal the extreme fragmentation of the Bulgarian political scene

Corinne Deloy
The European Elections Monitor - 06/04/2021

Prime Minister Boïko Borissov's Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party, which ran in coalition with the Union of Democratic Forces (SDS), came first in the Bulgarian parliamentary elections of 4 April, with 26.14% of the vote. Such a People Exist, a populist party created by singer and TV presenter Slavi Trifonov, came second with 17.73%, ahead of the Socialist Party (15.02%) which lost its status as the first opposition party. Boyko Borissov, who is leading for the fifth time, is expected to have difficulties this time in forming a government coalition as the vast majority of other parties have indicated that they will not form an alliance with him.

Corinne Deloy
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Corinne Deloy
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