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EU/Russian Relations
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Don't let Russia be Russia: neither provoke nor indulge

Simon Serfaty
European Issue n°336 - 08/12/2014

Twenty years ago Russia was a mess - no longer an enemy but not even an adversary and certainly not a partner. What was feared most was a collapse that might turn Russia into something resembling the former Yugoslavia, but worse still. Events now confirm it. Russia is back: a bully to former Soviet holdings in Europe, a challenge to the United States and their allies in Europe, and one of the self-proclaimed leaders of the alleged post-Western world, via its President Vladimir Putin.

Arkady Moshes
European Issue n°129 - 23/02/2009
Jean-Dominique Giuliani - Michel Foucher
European Issue n°108 - 01/09/2008
European Interview n°17 - 28/05/2007