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EU/Russian Relations
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Ending the political crisis in Belarus: with or without external intervention?

Ekaterina Pierson-Lyzhina
European Issue n°573 - 05/10/2020

Protests and repression have continued after the rigged presidential election on 9 August. Alexander Lukashenko, not recognised by Europeans, is being tempted by "Sultanistic" rule and is seeking his salvation partly from Russia and China. The European Union, which has decided to impose sanctions against the regime, must act so as not to leave the people alone with their autocrat.

Simon Serfaty
European Issue n°336 - 08/12/2014
Arkady Moshes
European Issue n°129 - 23/02/2009
Jean-Dominique Giuliani - Michel Foucher
European Issue n°108 - 01/09/2008
European Interview n°17 - 28/05/2007