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France's Return to Europe: on which terms?

Thierry Chopin
European Issue n°473 - 14/05/2018

Does the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of the French Republic comprise an opportunity for the redefinition of a French narrative regarding Europe which breaks not only with the weaknesses of the previous five-year presidency in terms of European policy but also from the rationale of the traditional idea that lies at the heart of France's relationship with European integration, which might be shared by its partners? If this is so on which terms can France's return to Europe be achieved? Doesn't a return like this imply a new discourse of the method and a new approach to the EU by France?

Jean-Claude Piris
European Issue n°461 - 05/02/2018
Angel Sanchez Navarro
European Issue n°458 - 15/01/2018
Jean-Dominique Giuliani
European Issue n°430 - 18/04/2017
Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron
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Angel Sanchez Navarro
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