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Energy / Environment
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Energy Price Hikes: which European solutions?

Ramona Bloj
European Issue n°612 - 25/10/2021

As the COP26 opens in Glasgow on 31 October, energy prices, the cost of transition, the role of markets and the different national strategies are central to the debates around the world. As part of the Green Deal, the European Union must find common answers to ensure security of supply, access to energy for all and a successful ecological transition.

Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°607 - 20/09/2021
Clémence Pèlegrin
European Issue n°579 - 07/12/2020
Gilles Lepesant
European Issue n°546 - 10/02/2020
Clémence Pèlegrin
European Issue n°528 - 23/09/2019
Emmanuel Tuchscherer
European Issue n°519 - 11/06/2019
Dominique Perrut
European Issue n°500 - 28/01/2019
Emmanuel Tuchscherer
European Issue n°465 - 12/03/2018