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Freedom, security, justice
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Proposals to strengthen the fight against terrorism

Thierry Chopin - Fabien Ganivet - Elie Renard
European Issue n°442 - 11/09/2017

With the terrorist attacks that have recently hit France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Spain, the countries of Europe in particular are confronted with an unprecedented challenge to the terms of their collective security. The transnational nature of the terrorist threat that took on a new dimension as of 11th September 2001 has rarely been as evident. Without negating the central roles played by the States in terms of the fight to counter terrorism, the reality of common security interests that bring the various countries of the continent together has to be recognised, including the need to consider certain "regalian"" issues in close cooperation with the various Member States so that State action finds its legitimate extension and full efficacy in a powerful Europe that will at last assert itself as an area of strengthened security, effective protection of its citizens and sovereignty.

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