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Between China and the USA, Europe seeks its future

Pierre Vimont
European Issue n°515 - 13/05/2019

In view of the profound changes ongoing in the world there is nothing original in stating that we have entered a new period[1]. With the end of the Cold War, a new, more complicated, and more unstable multipolar world has gradually formed in the international arena. Although the confrontation with Russia has not gone away, as seen in the Ukrainian crisis, it is however the clash between the USA and China that has become the central point of tension in international relations, with a different intensity from that of the Cold War, given its nature, which is both economic and military. Washington never saw a serious economic threat in Moscow; with China however, the situation is different because long-term the USA can be legitimately concerned about losing their technological and economic lead. It is clear that this challenge is now an obsession for both countries to the point other threats are being underestimated. This is where that the rivalry between the economic, commercial, military and even cultural interests between Washington and Beijing finds its strongest expression. It is here that one senses that new, world geopolitical balances are slowly falling into place.

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