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Economic and budgetary Union
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Multi-annual Financial Framework 2021-2027 : democratic illusion, do we stop or carry on ?

Jean Arthuis
European Issue n°551 - 16/03/2020

After the failure of the February European Council devoted to the Union's budget for 2021-2027, the discrepancy between the political proclamations and the budgetary sham has become intolerable. Jean Arthuis, former chairman of the Budgets Committee, believes that the European Parliament, which may face an irreversible take it or leave it agreement, can legitimately ask for more time. As for the budget, it should be rethought around the idea of European public goods".

Olivier Perquel
European Issue n°530 - 07/10/2019
Cyprien Batut - Olivier Lenoir
European Issue n°506 - 11/03/2019
Olivier de Laroussilhe
European Issue n°502 - 11/02/2019
Bruno Le Maire
European Issue n°490 - 29/10/2018
Paolo Casalino
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Valerie Herzberg - Edouard Vidon
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Dominique Perrut
European Issue n°478 - 25/06/2018