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Economic and budgetary Union
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The European Central Bank's Strategic Monetary Policy Review: the key to a return to sustainable growth in Europe

Nicolas Goetzmann
European Issue n°597 - 25/05/2021

Until the autumn, the ECB is conducting an in-depth analysis of its monetary policy and how it can be adapted to current economic conditions. At the heart of the reflection is a possible redefinition of the price stability objective, which seems necessary to ensure the competitiveness of the euro area.

Jean-Guy Giraud
European Issue n°566 - 06/07/2020
Olivier Perquel
European Issue n°530 - 07/10/2019
Cyprien Batut - Olivier Lenoir
European Issue n°506 - 11/03/2019
Olivier de Laroussilhe
European Issue n°502 - 11/02/2019
Bruno Le Maire
European Issue n°490 - 29/10/2018