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Reforming European Economic Policies

Olivier Marty - Damien Ientile
European Issue n°588 - 22/03/2021

The crisis caused by the pandemic has highlighted one of the Union's problems: the questioning, in practice, of the principles and concepts governing the major European economic policies. While the budgetary and competition rules are suspended, we need to think about adapting them to realities and re-legitimising them.

Marie-Claire Considère-Charon
European Issue n°583 - 08/02/2021
Jean-Guy Giraud
European Issue n°566 - 06/07/2020
Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°547 - 17/02/2020
Bruno Deffains - Olivier d'Ormesson - Thomas Perroud
European Issue n°543 - 20/01/2020
Valérie Gomez-Bassac
European Issue n°535 - 12/11/2019
Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°503 - 18/02/2019
Olivier de Laroussilhe
European Issue n°502 - 11/02/2019