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'Directives' in France and economic improvements in the euro area: what is the link between these?

Jean-Paul Betbèze
European Issue n°435 - 22/05/2017

Engage in dialogue, I "order" it!" It is easy to employ humour when describing what is to come over the next few weeks in France, after the general elections of 11th and 18th June, depending of course on their results. "Directives, no thanks": protests on the internet are starting again, the question being that of its success. "Directives" are indeed being prepared to develop further the law of 8th August 2016 regarding labour, the modernisation of social dialogue and the protection of career paths, the so-called "Labour Law" or the El Khomri Bill (the name of the then French Minister) the central aim of which was (and remains) to strengthen the weight of company agreements. Why?

Sébastien Richard
European Issue n°300 - 27/01/2014
François Lépine - Marc Lavédrine
European Issue n°245 - 25/06/2012
Jacques Potdevin - Olivier Boutellis-Taft
European Issue n°123 - 05/01/2009
Marie-Dominique Garabiol-Furet
European Issue n°17 - 30/01/2006