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The revision of the Posted Workers' Directive: how can it be taken further?

Sébastien Richard
European Issue n°446 - 09/10/2017

In spite of the adoption of an enforcement Directive in May 2014 that was designed to improve counter fraud measures the posting of workers has become emblematic in a Europe that is now synonymous to social dumping. With this the European Commission presented a draft revision in March 2016 targeting the initial directive of 1996. The next few weeks are to be decisive - vote in the European Parliament on 16th October (committee) and on 26th (plenary), Council (employment) on 23rd. Over the last few months the European Commission has put forward several initiatives to enhance the rights of posted workers and to prevent the misappropriation of the original measure, whether this involves road hauliers and the coordination of social security systems; the introduction of dedicated Agency for mobile work within the European Union has also been suggested.

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