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Economic integration
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Multi-annual financial framework and Next Generation EU, Review of an unprecedented, tumultuous European budgetary chapter

Anne Vitrey - Sébastien Lumet
European Issue n°575 - 26/10/2020

Discussions between Council and Parliament on the next EU budget are stalling over issues such as the size of some flagship programmes and conditionality linked to the rule of law. Also linked to the budget, the recovery plan to deal with the consequences of the pandemic is also raising some questions, such as its governance and the role of the Parliament.

Jean-Guy Giraud
European Issue n°566 - 06/07/2020
José Manuel Fernandes
European Issue n°563 - 15/06/2020
Eric Maurice - Thibault Besnier - Marianne Lazarovici
European Issue n°562 - 08/06/2020
Laurent Lacroix
European Issue n°561 - 02/06/2020
Basile Ridard - Alexis Fourmont
European Issue n°558 - 11/05/2020