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Economic integration
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Global food crisis: Europe must choose between retreat and responsibility

Emmanuelle Ducros
European Issue n°627 - 04/04/2022

The war in Ukraine is jeopardising the world's supply of grain and fertiliser. For the European Union, the world's leading agricultural power, the situation calls for a rethink of its policies, which could result in production cuts at a time when global needs are increasing.

Ramona Bloj
European Issue n°612 - 25/10/2021
Bernard Bourget
European Issue n°607 - 20/09/2021
Ramona Bloj - Marion L'Hote
European Issue n°596 - 17/05/2021
Olivier Marty - Damien Ientile
European Issue n°588 - 22/03/2021
Marie-Claire Considère-Charon
European Issue n°583 - 08/02/2021