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The Challenges and Constraints facing a "Geopolitical Commission" in the achievement of European sovereignty

Pierre Mirel - Xavier Mirel
European Issue n°560 - 25/05/2020

The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is accentuating the technological, economic and security challenges that the Union faces in its relations with China, Russia and the United States. Its neighbourhood policy, particularly in the Western Balkans, is an important instrument for the promotion of its strategic interests.

Gérard Pogorel - Augusto Preta
European Issue n°559 - 18/05/2020
Blaise Wilfert
European Issue n°556 - 27/04/2020
Françoise Grossetête
European Issue n°550 - 09/03/2020
Stefanie Buzmaniuk
European Issue n°541 - 23/12/2019
Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
European Issue n°537 - 25/11/2019