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Enlargement and neighbourhood
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Towards a redesigned Euro-African partnership

Alexandre Kateb
European Issue n°522 - 01/07/2019

Aligning the continents of Africa and Europe with each other is now an existential imperative for Europe, at a time of growing security and migration threats, if it wants to continue to have influence in the world arena in the face of China and the USA. This strategic partnership might find inspiration in the experience Europe has had with Morocco after the recent 14th meeting of the EU-Morocco Association Council.

Iris Muraz
European Issue n°508 - 25/03/2019
Sir Michael Leigh
European Issue n°485 - 24/09/2018
Victoire d'Humières
European Issue n°472 - 30/04/2018
Arnault Barichella
European Issue n°409 - 31/10/2016