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The European Union and the world
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The Aukus agreement, what repercussions for the European Union?

Elie Perot
European Issue n°608 - 27/09/2021

Beyond the future supply of submarines, the strategic initiative launched by the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific region remains unclear. The crisis over the breach of a contract with France raises the question of European solidarity, a strategic asset that Member States should prioritise in the future.

Hugo Pascal
European Issue n°602 - 28/06/2021
Ramona Bloj
European Issue n°598 - 31/05/2021
Young Gil Song
European Issue n°594 - 03/05/2021
Sarah Brichet - Hugo Chouarbi - Marie Dénoue - Valérian Frossard - Armony Laurent - Nicolas Libert - Anne-Flore Magnuszewski - Pauline Maillard - Juliette Rolin
European Issue n°592 - 19/04/2021
Eric Maurice
European Issue n°590 - 06/04/2021
Louis Caudron
European Issue n°586 - 01/03/2021
Simon Serfaty
European Issue n°580 - 11/01/2021