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The European Union and the world
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Europe in the Sino-American Trade War

Cecilia Bellora
European Issue n°526 - 09/09/2019

The US trade policy is destabilising the international trade system severely. The EU is fighting to maintain stability of a system under dire threat. This is an extremely difficult task but also a historic occasion to modify and adapt the international system to future challenges.

Jean-Paul Betbèze
European Issue n°523 - 08/07/2019
Alexandre Kateb
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Philippe Bonnecarrère
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Patrick Allard
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Michel Foucher
European Issue n°481 - 16/07/2018
Jean-Dominique Giuliani - Arnaud Danjean - Françoise Grossetête - Thierry Tardy
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Victoire d'Humières
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Thierry Tardy
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