The 9 may quiz

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1 - In which year was the Erasmus programme created?
2 - What was the name of the European space probe that took Philae to the Comet Chury in order to collate data regarding the composition of its core?
3 - How long does the mandate of the President of the European Council last?
4 - Who was Erasmus?
5 - In the 19th century who already spoke of the “United States of Europe”?
6 - In which country does the town of Schengen lie?
7 - In the list below, which country never signed the Schengen Agreements?
8 - Where at the Quai d’Orsay did the Declaration of 9th May 1950 take place?
9 - The twelve stars on the European flag represent:
10 - Where was the Schuman Declaration delivered?

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