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The Robert Schuman Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary!


30 years ago, on 21st February 1992, the creation of the Robert Schuman Foundation was announced in the Journal Officiel. On the occasion of this anniversary we would like to share with you some of its first documents to retrace its history. The President of the Foundation Jean-Dominique Giuliani gives us his testimony. And to take you back to 1992, we offer you a little quiz. Thank you for your loyalty and support.

The Robert Schuman Foundation's First Publications

The Robert Schuman Foundation is Thirty Today!

Editorial - 21/02/2022

A few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, leading figures created the Robert Schuman Foundation to dedicate themselves to the reunification of Europe. For three decades the Foundation has accompanied the evolution of Europe and the transformation of the European Union. Today, writes Jean-Dominique Giuliani, "We are convinced that there is still a lot to do to complete a project that is unique in the history of humanity, and we are putting all our energy into serving this ideal, which is greater than ourselves".

Jean Seitlinger, Jacques Rigaud, Raymond Barre, Louis Jung and Jean Faure

Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Louis Jung and Jean Faure

Quiz on the year 1992
1 - Who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992?
2 - Which future European Commissioner was one of the organisers of the Winter Olympics in Albertville in February 1992?
3 - Which European television channel started broadcasting on 30 May 1992?
4 - How many Member States did the European Union established by the Maastricht Treaty comprise in 1992?
5 - What was the name of the justice operation launched by Judge Di Pietro against political corruption in Italy?
6 - Which film won the Palme d'Or at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival?
7 - Which treaty was signed on 7 February 1992, a few days before the Foundation was established?
8 - From which European city did the siege begin, which lasted almost 4 years?
9 - Which country ceased to exist on 31 December 1992?
10 - Apart from France, which other country held a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty?
11 - Which country owed its participation in Euro 92 to the exclusion of Yugoslavia due to international sanctions, and won the competition?
12 - Which European city hosted the 1992 World Expo?

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