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Overcoming democratic breakdown in the European Union

17/11/2014 The European Union is undergoing a crisis of democratic legitimacy. Confidence in the EU and its institutions is at an all-time low and many Europeans criticise how democracy is being implemented in the Union. For several years the gap between the community's institutions and its citizens seems to have widened. The latter believe that their voice is not heard, they believe the EU is too distant from their concerns and that it is not very transparent. To recover legitimacy the EU has to reduce this democratic deficit and recreate a link with the citizens of Europe. Some initiatives have been undertaken to do this but they seem to be inadequate. Other things must be done and this is one of the challenges facing the new Commission over the next five years.

Klaus Johannis won the presidential election in Romania

17/11/2014 Klaus Johannis (National Liberal Party, PNL), Mayor of Sibiu and member of the Democratic Forum of Germans of Romania (FDGR) won the second round of the presidential election that took place on 16th November in Romania. The right-wing opposition candidate won 54.5% of the vote against 45.5% for Victor Ponta, outgoing Prime Minister and chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD). Turnout was high and totalled 61.5%, i.e. 3.48 points more in comparison with the second round of the previous presidential election on 22nd November 2009 and 8.33 points more in comparison with the first round.

2014: a turning point for Europe?

04/11/2014 Just as the European Commission presided over by Jean-Claude Juncker is entering office Jean-Dominique Giuliani, the Foundation's Chairman has published an editorial on his site "2014, a turning point for Europe" in which he recalls the economic and security challenges that Europe has to rise to in order to revive hope and confidence.

The new European Commission enters into office

22/10/2014 The European Commission whose President is Jean-Claude Juncker entered into office on November 1st. Consult the organisation of the Commission, its members, its road map and its priorities.

Supporting the European Recovery in a Rapidly Changing World

18/07/2014 Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, and Wolfgang Schäuble attended the conference organized by the Robert Schuman Foundation in Paris on July 18, 2014 about the future of the euro area.
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