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French President Emmanuel Macron on the quest for a parliamentary majority

22/05/2017 The French are being called to ballot on 11th and 18th June to renew the 577 members of the Assemblée national, the lower house of Parliament. After having elected Emmanuel Macron as head of State by a wide majority on 7th May will the French provide him with a majority? The most recent poll by OpinionWay undertaken between 16th and 18th May credits La République en Marche (LREM) with 27% of the vote, ahead of the Républicains (LR) and the Front National (FN), each due to win 20% of the vote, France Insoumise 14% and the Socialist Party (PS) 11%

'Directives' in France and economic improvements in the euro area: what is the link between these?

22/05/2017 Engage in dialogue, I "order" it!" It is easy to employ humour when describing what is to come over the next few weeks in France, after the general elections of 11th and 18th June, depending of course on their results. "Directives, no thanks": protests on the internet are starting again, the question being that of its success. "Directives" are indeed being prepared to develop further the law of 8th August 2016 regarding labour, the modernisation of social dialogue and the protection of career paths, the so-called "Labour Law" or the El Khomri Bill (the name of the then French Minister) the central aim of which was (and remains) to strengthen the weight of company agreements. Why?

France is well and truly back in Europe

22/05/2017 Jean-Dominique Giuliani has published an editorial on the resolutely European nature of the new French President, who is the cause of interest on the part of his partners

Dublin and Schengen - Restoring confidence and strengthening solidarity between Member States of the European Union

16/05/2017 The Dublin regulation that is presently being re-drafted aims to protect the area of free movement rather than share the burden of asylum seekers between Member States. The migratory crisis of 2015 demonstrated that this system could endanger the Schengen Area, kindling a confidence crisis between Member States and forcing the EU into uncertain cooperation agreements with third countries that threatened its values. Although greater border control seems vital right now, this does not mean that the issue of making a qualitative leap forward in terms of European migratory solidarity can be avoided.

Labour Party due to be re-elected in the snap election on 3rd June in Malta

16/05/2017 On May 1st Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (Labour Party (MLP)) announced that a snap election would be held on 3rd June. He under attack because it has been suggested that his wife, his chief of cabinet and the Energy Minister are the respective owners of offshore accounts and businesses, that were challenged in the Panama Papers affairs.

Conservatives in office favourites in the general election on 8th June in the UK

16/05/2017 On 18th April last British Prime Minister Theresa May (Conservative Party) took everyone by surprise as she announced that there would be a snap election (3 years before the planned date) on 8th June. Theresa May took over from David Cameron without passing via the ballot box and hopes to strengthen her parliamentary majority on the eve of the Brexit. The situation is favourable to the Tories who hold a significant lead over their Labour rivals in all the polls. Just three weeks before the general elections, victory for the Conservatives seems guaranteed. The only question that remains is how wide the margin will be.

The Schuman Report on Europe, State of the Union 2017

27/04/2017 he "Schuman Report on the State of the Union 2017" published by Lignes de Repères in French and English, provides a view for a better understanding of the stakes and challenges faced by Europe. Available in bookshops or on the Foundation's site or in digital version. Order your copy now!

Emmanuel Macron is the new President of the French Republic

08/05/2017 On 7th May the candidate running for En Marche, Emmanuel Macron, won the second round of the French presidential election with 66.1% of the vote ahead of Marie Le Pen (FN) who won 33.9%. This election was marked by high abstention (25.44%) and a record level of blank or void votes (8.56%). At 39 Emmanuel Macron became the young French president ever. He will take over from François Hollande on 14th May next.

The end of the Eurosceptic lie

08/05/2017 In an editorial on his site Jean-Dominique Giuliani, interprets the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of the French Republic as point marking the end of eurosceptic lies.

Brexit Disillusionment or the Revelation of the Cost of leaving the Union

02/05/2017 The Member States are negotiating the main guidelines to follow in the negotiations with the UK over Brexit. The European Council published an article on this on 29th April. As matters stand the European strategy defines three negotiation periods between the European Union and the UK. The position of Europe at this stage comprises the settlement of accounts whilst foreseeing the transformation of the UK into a third country to then re-create links with the Union as a result.

Permanent Atlas of the European Union

23/02/2017 With its 28 Member States and its 510 million inhabitants the European Union is the leading economic power in the world. And yet when people speak of it, they only mention the problems experienced in its construction and it remains largely misunderstood. This edition of the Atlas of the European Union is a work of reference that presents the Union, its institutions, each of its Member States and their overseas territories via their history, their culture and their reality. With over 50 maps, original information sheets and synthetic statistics, it offers a unique view of Europe and is accessible to all.

Thematic File on UK-EU Relations

29/03/2017 British Prime Minister Theresa May has engaged on March 29 the triggering of article 50 TEU starting the process taking the UK out of the EU, six months after a referendum on June 23 2016. The Robert Schuman Foundation offers its readers an information file on the main questions set by this new page of the relations between the UK and the EU.

Immigration: information file

08/09/2015 The repeated drownings in the Mediterranean have led to an emergency situation regarding the European migratory question. According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), more than 1,750 migrants perished in the Mediterranean between January and April 2015, ie more than 30 times the figure in the same period in 2014. Given these repeated catastrophes an extraordinary European Council was organised on 23rd April and ten new measures were put forward on 20th April by the European Commission including stepping up surveillance operations and rescue at sea. The Robert Schuman Foundation is offering its readers an information file on the theme of immigration, that brings together its publications on this issue in order to review the development of these events in Europe.
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