"Robert Schuman From the Borders of Lorraine to Father of Europe"

bibliographie François Roth
September 2008
Editions Fayard

On 9th May 1950 the European Community of Steel and Coal (ECSC) was born , the forerunner of the present European Union. Behind this historic project that overturned an entire continent was a discreet and unknown man, Robert Schuman. A man of the borders, marked by two world wars that involved his two successive homelands, Robert Schuman, a "saint in a jacket", was undoubtedly predestined to become the visionary of Franco-German reconciliation and the pacification of Europe.

"The Life and Work of Robert Schuman"

bibliographie Jacques Portevin
April 2004
To learn and understand everything about Robert Schuman's Life and Work by Jacques Portevin - Fondation Robert Schuman

Men who have achieved work like this in France’s IV Republic are rare. Men who have shown such faith and commitment in their lifetime are equally rare. If we were to look for a general statement to qualify Robert Schuman it would be that of a man who served mankind: serving Lorraine, the Church, France, Europe and beyond that, Peace. He was an eminent Statesman, a visionary of the Europe that was still to be built – Robert Schuman was surely a model for political commitment and his personality should inspire the players of public life even today. But it is the topicality of his message that we have to understand in order to continue European integration.

"Robert Schuman, The Father of Europe"

bibliographie Jean Marie PELT
Publisher: Serge Domini

Work available in English and German

This portrait of Robert Schuman, the “Father of Europe” avoids all exaggeration since it desists from eulogy. It is a book in the image of Robert Schuman himself, who liked to say that to succeed in politics one had to be modest. It reviews with great emotion and fine analytical style the stages of Robert Schuman’s life and work, from his youth in the suburbs of Luxembourg to the Presidency of the European Parliament, not forgetting his ministerial responsibilities and of course the Declaration of 9th May 1950, the first stage in the unification of the European continent.

"Robert Schuman, a Statesman"

bibliographie Raymond Poidevin
National Printer 520 pages. Reference work.

"Robert Schuman"
by Raymond Poidevin.
Editions Beauchesne Political and Christian Collection 250 the
same author, a shorter text.
A biography of Robert Schuman cannot ignore the importance his faith played in enlightening his life, and the way he behaved as a Catholic. His commitment to public life was an apostolate choice. He was a man of the borders who was born a German in 1896. He took advantage of his dual culture, becoming a militant Catholic who was soundly trained from a doctrinal point of view. At 33 he became one of the youngest French MPs ever to be elected. Deeming that he should work at the service of others he undertook significant legislative work far from the limelight and he was constantly re-elected. This statesman, who was discreet and austere, defended a certain type of Western Christian civilisation, and was as Konrad Adenauer said “an historical figure.”

"Robert Schuman, Father of Europe"

bibliographie René Lejeune
Fayard, 2000

This book is available in Slovakian
A reminder of Robert Schuman’s radiant character and his humanist vision of Europe is more than welcome at a time when, in the public’s opinion, politics is merging with business and as a result it is discrediting European integration. Schuman’s passing seems so close and yet distant enough, since tension is now exacerbated, and the temptation to withdraw is overcoming even the most enlightened amongst us. Courage is required if we are to make a stand and not fear being hit! Robert Schuman was courageous enough because his mission was based on sound foundations. The captivating life of the “Father of Europe” is both a testimony in the eyes of history and is also a magnificent example of spiritual life.