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The Atlas of the European Union

The 2nd edition of the Permanent Atlas of the European Union is available

The Atlas of the European Union
Jean-Dominique Giuliani - Pascale Joannin

With a view to the forthcoming European elections, the Robert Schuman Foundation is making a new edition of its Permanent Atlas of the European Union available to all. The second edition of this unique book, prepared by experts from the Robert Schuman Foundation, provides a comprehensive and easily accessible overview of the Union, the euro area and each of its 28 Member States. It summarises most of the history and political and statistical realities of the Union and offers more than 50 physical and geopolitical maps of Europe.
Now available !

Schuman Report

Schuman Report 2018, State of the Union.

Schuman Report
Fondation Robert Schuman

The 9th edition analyses the challenges Europe faces. With the contribution of the best experts, an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, original maps and commented statistics, the Schuman Report 2018 on the state of the Union offers a complete view of the European Union.

Other publications

How and why Europe will remain the centre of the world - a small treaty on optimism

Other publications
Jean-Dominique Giuliani

The Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani is the author of "Pourquoi et comment l'Europe restera le coeur du monde - Petit traité d'optimisme". This book published by Lignes de Repères available in paper and in digital format (e-books and tablets), was awarded the Emile Girardeau Prize from the Academy of Moral Science and Politics on 17th November.

For Europe

For Europe - First Edition -

For Europe

The Europe of today is the direct outcome of the "Schuman Declaration" of May 9, 1950. It follows the same methods and maintains the same purposes. One must read the sole work that the "Father of Europe"devoted to this venture, an unreachable dream that became a tangible reality, in order to understand his approach and the political stakes of this peaceful and determined construction of continental unity, heretofore unprecedented in history. In the very particular context of the era, to which he alludes, Robert Schuman evades none of the questions that one can legitimately pose regarding the European project: the nation, federalism, culture, and the roots of Europe. And under his quill, rather than confronting themselves, the states and the people of Europe combined themselves; a political and determined Europe, rich in its diversity but strong in its unity. This vision remains a necessity for the Europe of today, and a requirement in order to imagine its future.


France, NATO and European Union

Pascale Andreani

The ideas in this study expressed by the former Ambassador to France with NATO emerged before NATO's intervention in Libya. However they remain entirely topical, since they explain why France has returned to NATO's integrated military organisation and the consequences of this. Moreover, we might say that this article throws light on further issues raised by the Alliance's involvement in Libya. This is why, before we can even assess the developments and "strategic surprises" that have occurred over the last few years, it is useful to offer our readers an article which reviews the Alliance's relations with France and the European Union.

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