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The Newsletter1063 - 15 April 2024
Health is a cross-cutting issue for European action, as part of a "Europe that protects". To build a Europe of health, there are ways of establishing shared competences. At the end of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the EU affirmed its resolve to create a "right to health". So how can we "strengthen the horizon...Read more
The Newsletter1062 - 8 April 2024
If the EU enlargement process is to resume, the challenges it poses must be openly addressed within the framework of an "Agenda 2030". In the Western Balkans, the rule of law remains a source of concern, as do internal tensions and differences between neighbours. In addition, mass immigration and the widening economic ...Read more
The Newsletter1060 - 25 March 2024
The Sino-Russian alliance is one of circumstance, with all its vulnerabilities. Although confirmed by the conflict in Ukraine, this relationship is marked by an asymmetry in China's favour. Geopolitical Europe, for its part, faces a seemingly insurmountable gulf with Russia, while commercial rivalry with China should n...Read more
The Newsletter1059 - 18 March 2024
The effects of climate change are more diverse than they appear. In some parts of the world, rainfall will increase, while in others droughts will pose problems of access to water and how to store it. Major shipping routes will develop, such as the Northern Sea Route, which could be ice-free all year round from 2035. T...Read more
The Newsletter1058 - 11 March 2024
In a context of liberalised trade, agriculture has a special place in the agreements negotiated by the European Union. Often the source of disputes, it must be analysed on a sector-by-sector basis to assess the impact of these agreements on European producers. The beef sector appears to be the weak link in the trade ne...Read more
The Newsletter1057 - 4 March 2024
Although women have fought hard for the right to vote, they still face many obstacles to participating in political life. Yet their mobilisation can make a difference at the polls, with fewer women than men voting for the far right. On the political scene, however, they suffer from a lack of representation, and when th...Read more
The Newsletter1056 - 26 February 2024
As the International Agricultural Show gets underway, the agricultural crisis is calling into question Europe's trade and environmental policies. The strategic dialogue launched by the Commission should prepare the programming of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) from 2028. European agriculture has lost its competit...Read more
The Newsletter1055 - 19 February 2024
2024 will be a "stress test" year for European defence. Unfortunately, "efforts are too dispersed to create an overall dynamic" and to "produce major federating projects". The risk of American disengagement calls for an analysis of European aid to Ukraine: modern and effective, the weapons systems are nonetheless limit...Read more
The Newsletter1054 - 12 February 2024
Overlooked by the European Union's foreign policy, the group of five states known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) presents itself as the informal group that puts the "global South" on the international map. Strengthened by the arrival of Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates a...Read more
The Newsletter1053 - 5 February 2024
For having chosen Western values, after being torn between East and West, Ukraine is under attack from Russia. It wants to join the European Union, which has evolved considerably since the founding fathers, and which will no doubt have to reshape itself further in the future.Read more