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The Newsletter1075 - 8 July 2024
The question of European defence is more topical than ever: the crises and conflicts underway on the borders of the European Union pose geostrategic challenges that are not new however. To a certain extent, the EDC Treaty in 1952 attempted to respond to these challenges. At a time when we are (re)inventing European def...Read more
The Newsletter1074 - 1 July 2024
With the opening of negotiations for Ukraine's accession to the European Union, the prospect of an agricultural powerhouse joining the single market may give rise to fears of new competition between Member States. However, when it comes to global competition - and with Russia in particular - Ukrainian agricultural prod...Read more
The Newsletter1073 - 24 June 2024
On the eve of the first intergovernmental conference to open negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union, Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs takes stock of the benefits of Ukraine's membership of the European Union.Read more
The Newsletter1072 - 17 June 2024
Deprived of political freedom behind the Iron Curtain, Central and Eastern European societies have learnt to broaden their horizons and continue to be European. The Ukrainian resistance, but also the inventiveness of the whole of society, despite being at war, illustrates this choice of freedom enabled by the European ...Read more
The Newsletter1071 - 11 June 2024
Following the European elections held from June 6 to 9 in the 27 member states of the European Union, the major balances have been maintained and the only possible majority coalition between the European People's Party (EPP), the European Socialist Party (PES) and Renew is expected to be reconducted. The push to the ri...Read more
The Newsletter1070 - 3 June 2024
On the eve of the legislative and European elections on 9 June, Moscow is making a limited comeback as a cultural alternative and geopolitical model, but without succeeding - for the moment - in ruining Bulgaria's pro-European orientation. There is certainly an age-old Russian-Bulgarian narrative, but this alone does n...Read more
The Newsletter1069 - 27 May 2024
At a crucial moment in the French President's state visit to Germany, the first for 24 years, the Foundation has published an interview in its series "Les réveilleurs d'Europe" with Jan-Christoph Oetjen MEP (Renew, DE), one of the vice-presidents of the European Parliament. Although he sits in the same group as the ME...Read more
The Newsletter1068 - 20 May 2024
While China is increasing its subsidies for electric cars and batteries, threatening the global balance, Germany continues to increase its direct investment in China. The author argues that Germany's mercantilist strategy is at the root of Europe's economic decline over the last fifteen years. "It's as if Germany was r...Read more
The Newsletter1067 - 13 May 2024
Despite a surge on the radical right, the pro-European parties are likely to retain a majority at the polls next June. Nevertheless, writes the author, "whatever their political hue", the representatives chosen "will have to commit to the progress of Europe and continue its construction, successfully begun seventy-four...Read more
The Newsletter1066 - 6 May 2024
Against a backdrop of rising nationalism in North Macedonia, the Macedonian parliament has still not voted to recognise the Bulgarian minority in the Constitution or to introduce the other reforms expected by the European Commission as part of the EU accession process. While negotiations are frozen, the European Commis...Read more