Our method

Acknowledged for its role in terms of public interest the Foundation has model statutes recommended by the Council of State of the French Republic. It is managed by a Board of 11 Members, appointed according to the laws and regulations in force, nearly 40% of whom are women. There is also a representative of the State to ensure the legal nature of its work and decisions. The Board meets twice a year. It decides on the Foundation's activities and monitors their achievement. It votes on revenues and expenditure and ensures that these are consistent with the law. An auditor attends its meetings and monitors the accounts. The function of Chairman of the Board and the Members of the Board are voluntary. The Bureau, which prepares and implements the Board's decisions, comprises 4 members of the Board, in equal numbers of men and women. It administers the Foundation between the Board's meetings. It meets four times a year.


The Foundation receives public subsidies for the accomplishment of its social purpose. It gives account of their use in line with the obligations to which it has submitted within this context. Because it receives public subsidies in France, its budget is published in the Official Journal of the French Republic. It balances revenues and expenditure. The latter are the focus of the strictest possible monitoring and permanently respect the principle of economy.


The Foundation accepts donations from private parties and legal entities. Private donations are the focus of a tax reduction (article 200 of the CGI). An appeal to the public’s generosity is the focus of the filing of an annual declaration with the representative of the State in Paris. Donations by legal entities (art 238 of CGI) are limited to 20,000€ per year and do not give rise to any return. The Foundation refrains from making any kind of advertising. The Foundation is allowed to organise an event for a legal entity and for remuneration if the event is in line with one of the goals it pursues. In this case it does so in the greatest transparency. The Foundation responds to calls for tender on the part of the European or national institutions and undertakes the ensuing work in line with the laws and regulations decreed by these authorities.

The permanent team

The Foundation’s permanent team comprises salaried staff who act under the authority of the Managing Director, the Bureau and the Board. The Managing Director is appointed by the Board. The team organises events, meetings, publications and speeches by the Foundation and ensures, under the Managing Director’s authority, the smooth accomplishment of the Board’s and the Bureau’s decisions. The team can host temporary internees of all nationalities for educational purposes and to further their training. It includes them in its work and activities.


The Foundation privileges the e-publication of its work and papers. It issues a weekly e-letter, dispatched to nearly 200,000 subscribers in five languages. It publishes various works, an annual Schuman Report on the State of the Union and a Permanent Atlas of the Union and its Member States. Its members and the members of its team contribute to the dissemination of its works via written and oral contributions in its works, reviews and other audio-visual media.

Ethics and governance

The Foundation implements its statutes in the strictest sense of the term. The Foundation respects of legal and regulatory obligations imposed upon it. It ensures the protection of the personal data it has in its possession and implements both European and national rules, notably the General Regulation on Data Protection. In the exercise of their role in the Foundation, its members and permanent team adopt exemplary behaviour in view of the ideal that they represent.