Climate and energy


Clémence Pèlegrin

5 December 2023

During the high-level conference organised in Paris in September, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) hailed the speed with which the European Union has freed itself from its energy dependence on Russia. According to the...

Future and outlook


9 November 2023

The Foundation and its European partners present the Schuman Network. This initiative aims to promote debate and reflection on European issues because, more than ever, the international situation, the proximity of the European elections and the challenges within the European Union call for the contribution of think tanks, our continent's "Ideas Engines"

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Enlargement and Borders


Jean-Dominique Giuliani

6 November 2023

Future enlargement of the European Union is presented as inevitable and unavoidable, and proposals to reform the institutions are multiplying. But while an overhaul of the treaties is clearly necessary, the Union first needs to demonstrate its added value in its day-to-day work, writes Jean-Dominique Giuliani.

Climate and energy


Claire Tutenuit

14 November 2023

Biomass refers to all organic matter that can be used as a source of energy - in other words, just about everything. The term includes products from forests and agriculture, and even from the sea (algae). They can be used either directly (wood energy, waste incineration) or after methanisation of...

Digital and technologies


Loïse Lyonnet

31 October 2023

Beyond them being a societal phenomenon, video games are smashing all records. On a national or European scale, the annual figures for the video games industry are rising to record heights: the European market is set to grow to €24.5 billion by 2022, with more than one in two Europeans aged...

Future and outlook


Dimitris Triantafyllou

7 November 2023

The discussion about a future revision of the European treaties[1] is back on the agenda. In June 2022, following the conference on the future of Europe, after consulting European citizens directly, presented its conclusions in May 2022, (including forty-nine proposals and three hundred and...

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Elections in Europe


Corinne Deloy

17 October 2023

The three opposition party coalitions - Donald Tusk's Citizens' Coalition (KO), Third Way (Trzecia Droga) and The Left - won the parliamentary elections in Poland on 15 October. The Citizens' Coalition is organised around the Civic Platform (PO) of the former Prime Minister (2007-2014) and...

Elections in Europe


Corinne Deloy

3 October 2023

As forecast by the opinion polls, but by a larger margin than expected, Direction-Social Democracy (SMER-SD), the social democratic party led by former prime minister (2006-2010 and 2012-2018) Robert Fico, came out ahead in the 30 September general elections in Slovakia with 22.94% of the vote and...

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