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The Newsletter1044 - 13 November 2023
All sectors of the European economy are developing decarbonisation strategies based on replacing fossil fuels with renewable raw materials. Conflicts of use therefore seem likely, leading to undesired economic effects such as impacts on food prices. New governance mechanisms have yet to be invented.Lire plus
The Newsletter1041 - 23 October 2023
The first year of Giorgia Meloni's government has revealed a complex political landscape, with elements of the nationalist right and centrist and moderate tendencies intertwined. The European elections in June will be the next test of whether Fratelli d'Italia's political line has changed.Lire plus
The Newsletter1040 - 16 October 2023
Ten years after the creation of the European External Action Service, discussions continue regarding the lack of a single voice for the European Union's external policy and its role on the world stage.Lire plus
The Newsletter1039 - 9 October 2023
Eighteen months after European leaders made a political commitment to strengthening the European Union's military, energy and economic sovereignty, substantial progress has been made, which now needs to be taken further.Lire plus
The Newsletter1038 - 2 October 2023
Last spring, the EU launched a civilian mission to help Moldova combat the hybrid threats posed by Russia. We take stock of the situation at the third meeting of the European Political Community on 5 October in Granada.Lire plus
The Newsletter1037 - 25 September 2023
Faced with rising prices and the risk of food shortages, the European Union should adopt flexible regulations to encourage the development of new genomic techniques.Lire plus
The Newsletter1036 - 18 September 2023
An important poll for the Union as a whole, the Polish elections on 15 October will mainly pit the governing Law and Justice party against the Civic Platform of former European Council President Donald Tusk. On the face of it, neither the United Right coalition nor the Citizens' Coalition will be able to secure an abso...Lire plus
The Newsletter1035 - 11 September 2023
As the war in Ukraine drags on without a decisive turning point, and both sides have no intention of losing, dialogue will have to be the answer.Lire plus
The Newsletter1034 - 4 September 2023
The European economic model was built on a monetary policy strategy focused exclusively on price stability. Today, an economic model based on domestic demand requires a change in approach, guided by the quest for maximum potential growth and full employment.Lire plus
The Newsletter1033 - 24 July 2023
Democratising the experience of living in a country other than one's own is one of the promises of the European project. But there is still plenty of room for progress and many areas for practical and administrative improvement.Lire plus