European Opinion 2012

10 April 2012
Edited by Dominique Reynié

With the support of the Robert Schuman Foundation and the Foundation for Political Innovation

The thirteenth edition of the European Opinion, a unique book. (only available in French)

Europe is in torment. For the first time since the Treaty of Rome, in 1957, the power of the crisis seems capable of threatening the very foundations of the European structure. The throes of the euro, the indebtedness of the Member States, the growth apathy and the institutional uncertainty come with forms of political regression as showed by the surge of populism or the evolution of Hungary.

The thirteenth edition of The European Opinion fits into this critical frame. It returns to the sources of the European idea.
In this context of triumphant globalization, if Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis, it also appears with more and more evidence as an appropriate response to the challenges of the "new world."

This edition of The European Opinion gathers various authors like Jürgen Habermas, Marie-Laure-Basilian Gainche, Beauge Pauline de la Roque, Nicolas Bouzou, Christophe Broquet, Bernard Bruneteau, Chaltiel Florence, Corinne Deloy, Dupoirier Elizabeth, Edward Fretwell, John Dominique Giuliani, Christophe de Voogd and Leendert de Voogd.

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