How and why Europe will remain the centre of the world - a small treaty on optimism

29 April 2014
As the European elections drew closer the Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani published a book called "Pourquoi et comment l'Europe restera le cœur du monde - Petit traité d'optimisme" (Why and how Europe will remain at the centre of the world - a small treaty on optimism).

Europe is no longer the centre of the world. It is no longer the leading military power. It no longer dominates the world that it once led. But for the world Europe is still the centre that sets the pace, which feeds minds and the culture that it invents and attracts. It is the world's leading economic and trading power.

Jean-Dominique Giuliani believes that Europe has all the necessary resources to help it remain the strong, generous, immortal centre of a world that cannot do with out it. This "small treaty on optimism" tries to show that Europe has a good chance of rising to the challenges it faces.

This book published by Lignes de Repères is also available in digital format (e-books and tablets) in French for 7,99€.

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