A Blueprint for tomorrow's Europe

21 October 2019
The period in which we are now living is key for Europe. Although the Union has kept its promises of peace and freedom and has mainly achieved its goals towards economic and social progress by eliminating the barriers between its States, the future is full of uncertainty. In the face of rising populism, climate change and the loss of trust in the institutions, simply maintaining the acquis is no longer enough to unite the peoples of Europe.

Where some see a crisis, the authors would like to see an opportunity - one in which we might rethink the European Union so that it can face the challenges of this century head on.

"A Blueprint for Tomorrow's Europe" is the first paper in the series, Open Horizons.

Is a series of papers which allows young European authors to express new ideas in support of European integration. They are personal, independent papers which are the sole responsibility of the authors. The series addresses a wealth of issues illustrating the concept of openness in terms of the economy, political science, sociology and history.

"A Blueprint for Tomorrow's Europe" is available in electronic format.

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