Advocating a True Reform of the European Union's Enlargement Process

9 April 2020
An important window of opportunity to reform the European Union's enlargement process was opened at the European Council in Brussels on 17 and 18 October 2019 and also with the rejection of the launch of negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia. However, the reflection initiated by the European Commission, which was presented on 5 February 2020, together with the green light given by the Council on 25 March 2020 to the opening of negotiations to these two countries do not seem to demonstrate any new awareness of the problems and issues related to enlargement. Although the natural place of the Balkan States in the European Union should not be questioned, vital reflection regarding the way in which the enlargement process has been conducted to date and its link to the European project is required, so that essential lessons can be drawn in view of true reform, which would give the candidate States the means to consolidate, and strengthen the Union.

"Advocating a True Reform of the European Union's Enlargement Process" is the second paper in the series, Open Horizons.

Open Horizons is a series of papers which allows young European authors to express new ideas in support of European integration. They are personal, independent papers which are the sole responsibility of the authors. The series addresses a wealth of issues illustrating the concept of openness in terms of the economy, political science, sociology and history.

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