The Schuman Report on Europe, State of the Union 2015

13 April 2015
2015, a year of recovery for Europe?

The fresh election of the Union's political institutions offers an exceptional opportunity for a better understanding of future issues: strengthening of the euro zone, the position of France and the UK in Europe, regional secessionism, growth and employment, investment and financing of the European economy, Energy Union, immigration, terrorism, European Defence and security challenges in the east and south, transatlantic issues etc...

These questions form the core of the Schuman Report 2015. This work of reference is for both decision makers and observers of the European Union:

• a source of analysis and original proposals, supported by a requirement for rigour and quality,

• a vital tool for a full panorama of European policies.

The best experts have chosen to voice their opinion: Angelino Alfano, Joachim Bitterlich, Michel Derdevet, Nicole Gnesotto, Mathilde Lemoine, Anand Menon, Jean-Claude Piris, Robin Niblett, Daniela Schwarzer, etc.

This 6th edition contains a unique, exclusive interview with Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.


• more than 35 unique maps;

• a summary of political Europe, electoral balances of power within the Member States and the European Parliament, the state of European public opinion, political and economic representation of women in Europe;

• a unique series of commented statistics on all of the major current economic themes: globalisation, government finance and financial stability, growth and employment, competitiveness and investment, energy and environment etc...


This book, edited by Thierry Chopin and Michel Foucher, is published by Lignes de Repères. It is available in bookshops and on the Foundation's site in paper format and in digital form (e-book and tablet).

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Publisher :  Actu Press com
Number of pages :  216
ISBN :  978-2-36609-025-3
Language :  Anglais